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20 WTF Photos From the Internet That Will Make You Question Everything

Too much internet for today.






The internet has everything you need, with just one click away, you’ll be amazed at how many information you can get in an instant. However, there are some things that look creepy and unreal that can be seen online.

In fact, the World Wide Web is full of questionable things, from different kinds of news, photos, videos and the list goes on. Some might still convince you that it’s real while some seem very unbelievable. Just check out the photos we enlist here. If you think you’ve seen enough, think again.



This one might be its users two-wheeled home. It has everything you need, except for a roof.



Isn’t she a beauty? This thing is called Eyeball Tattooing, where there eyes are literally inked. Oh well, she might be crying rainbows.



I really don’t know what to caption this. I’m not even sure what this is, but what’s more important is, it’s pretty … and weird … and not to mention, photogenic.



I bet you look at it again, twice – thrice, to figure what it is. It’s a good stability and balance they have there and yeah, body as well.



Whatever it is, don’t eat it!



I see double, trouble.



This. Is. Beyond. Creepy and imaginable. Whose hands are those???



Too much internet. Goodbye, World Wide Web.



This luggage will never ever be lost, but in case, you will easily find its owner, really easy.



But, it will increase the risk of losing your cat’s trust. Poor, thing. 🙁



That escalated quickly, really quick.



Is that an eagle? Yes, it is! Ohw! I don’t want to live in this world anymore!



This is a major WTF! I bet it has a lotta blood. Poor victim it got.



Dear owner of this car, you still have a place to put ornaments on your hood. Try to add some more. Sincerely, internet.



Another Eyeball Tattoo and it really doesn’t matter if it’s black or white *wink*



This cat is a Kylie Jenner fan, believe me.



How can she even? Oh my! She has a very bendable and flexible legs.



Hey, tree! Trying to escape? That’s your place!



She might have a chicken-talon-like fingers, but still, she’s pretty.



Look at that huge pile of trash! People beware!

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Meet Kitten Kay Sera, the World’s Official “Pinkest Person”

Mich Escultura



We all have a favorite color that adorns most of our stuff. But 52-year old Kitten Kay Sera has let the color pink do more than just adorn her stuff. She lets it dominate everything she owns!

As the official “pinkest person” (an honor given to her by Ripley’s Believe It or Not, no less), Kitten has spent over a million dollars making sure that she is constantly surrounded by her favorite color. Everything is pink in her Hollywood home – from her carpet, to her bathroom, to her bed, and even to her dog, Miss Kisses.

The Pink Lady of Hollywood, Kitten Kay Sera

The Pink Lady of Hollywood, Kitten Kay Sera

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This Chill Restaurant Guy Completely Prevented A Robbery By Ignoring An Armed Robber

Surprisingly, it worked! LOL

Mark Andrew



Let’s pretend you work in a restaurant. It’s been a fine, busy day so far when suddenly a robber busts through the door, all masked and stuff, and then puts a bag on your table and demands you to give him the money.

What will you do?

Personally, I think I will freak out inside but I’ll do my best to stay calm and then hand him all the cash without even looking at his eyes. That’s the easiest and safest way to get rid of a robber, right?

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Wife Hilariously Documents her Supposed-to-be-Honeymoon Photos with Imaginary Husband

A woman continues her second honeymoon alone pretending she was with her husband with these funny snaps.




Traveling in a different country is a good idea, especially if it’s for your second honeymoon. But, what if your husband’s visa is denied when the whole trip is already set and the package is non-refundable?

This is not a big problem for Huma Mobin, a Pakistani woman, whose husband Arsalaan Sever Butt didn’t get a visa in the time of their trip. The wife decided to continue their supposed-to-be-journey-together without her spouse with a hilarious idea.

Mobin and her Husband

Mobin and her Husband

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