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20 of the Worst Marriage Proposals Ever!





Marriage proposals, when done right, can be a very special and memorable experience for a couple. Nothing compares to that precious moment of popping up the golden question and asking someone to be your life’s companion. It’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and definitely life-changing.

In the past, we’ve featured some of the most romantic and creative marriage proposals here on our site. Not surprisingly, they’ve been well-received among our readers and the posts received numerous likes, shares, and comments.

We’re turning the tables this time around though and so instead of featuring some of the best proposals, we’ll give you 20 that are absolutely among the dumbest ones a person can think of.

Each of these proposal ideas are so facepalm-worthy, you’ll chuckle and cringe in shame at the same time. Scroll down and see for yourself!

#1. In case you’re wondering, she said no.

worst marriage proposals 1

Source: ABC News
#2. We’re guessing Steph is a huge Pepsi fan?

worst marriage proposals 2

Source: Nerd Nirvana
#3. You had one job!

worst marriage proposals 3

Source: Guff
#4. We’re all for geeky proposals but should you really scare your future wife with a lightsaber?

worst marriage proposals 4

Source: RatsOff
#5. The logic here is simple – no one can resist a pizza so she’ll probably say yes.

worst marriage proposals 5

Source: ROFLRazzi
#6. This epic spelling fail.

worst marriage proposals 6

Source: BroJSimpson
#7.Facebook? Really?

worst marriage proposals 7

#8. Imagine the horror if she said no.

worst marriage proposals 8

Source: ManoloBrides
#9. The shocked girlfriend thought her groom-to-be just fell off a building.

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#10. I’m not sure if the girl would be happy with how she looked like in the photo.

worst marriage proposals 10

Source: Blipitt
#11. Apparently, some guy thought he’d get help from a local fastfood. Facepalm!

worst marriage proposals 11

Source: CrystalKiss
#12. Ben even followed suit. Double facepalm then!

worst marriage proposals 12

Source: Likes
#13. What if she accidentally ate it? Well, at least she said yes.

worst marriage proposals 13

Source: LOLs
#14. Well, I gotta admit this one is kinda cute… Or maybe it’s just me!

worst marriage proposals 14

Source: Dorkly
#15. Since when has vandalism been considered romantic?

worst marriage proposals 15

#16. He better be thankful that no one tampered with or removed his sign.

worst marriage proposals 16

Source: MySanAntonio
#17. This is undoubtedly the worst one on the list.

worst marriage proposals 17

Source: OneWed
#18. I almost spit my drink out after reading this.

worst marriage proposals 18

Source: CheezBurger
#19. A ring in a box sounds terrific enough but this guy just had to ruin it with a sauce pack.

worst marriage proposals 19

#20. Walmart proposal. Its hilarious that none of the staff showed like they care.

worst marriage proposals 20

Source: WeddingDaily
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