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20 of the Most Embarrassing Spelling Errors Ever





I once had a conversation with a fellow writer who shared one of her most embarrassing typos ever – she accidentally typed “pay per lick” instead of “pay per click” in one of her articles! You can just imagine her relief when she spotted the error before she sent the content to her client.

Sure, making mistakes is part of being human but as my writer friend would attest, it pays to check your spelling and grammar at all times – especially if your words will be immortalized for everyone to see.

This list of hilarious spelling fails will surely crack you up and, yes, remind you to be careful with what you write.

#1. In an ironic twist of things…

#2. Go slow!

#3. Well, there are two students so…

Source: reddit
#4. This shameless colon connoisseur.

Source: twitter
#5. At least they attempted to correct the sign.

#6. You have been properly warned…

#7. Gotta love the guy who posted that picture.

Source: reddit
#8. “Way to go!” – Love, Pears

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#9. The smug expression confirms he is a diva indeed.

Source: reddit
#10. Be careful of erections!

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#11. Clearly not the best student ever!

#12. You’re hired if you can make it smile.

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#13. Prepare your teeth for hard times ahead.

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#14. I would think twice pressing that NO button.

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#15. I assume this sign has already caused a lot of arguments.

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#16. I’m not sure I’d want that on my mouth.

#17. Some people have all the time in the world.

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#18. Otherwise, you shouldn’t even be here.

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#19. Just in case you’re interested.

#20. What in the world did you buy this time?

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