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This 18th Century Statue Got Knocked Over By A Brazilian Tourist Who Was Taking A Photo

Meanwhile, this happened in the National Museum of Ancient Art during free-entrance Sunday.

If you are into art and history, visiting a museum is always a pleasant experience. It allows you to enjoy and appreciate the artists and culture from many years ago. It’s pretty much like riding a time machine or something!

Unless, of course, you are too busy taking pictures that you forget to focus on all the beauty surrounding you.

Case in point, a Brazilian tourist accidentally knocked over an 18th century Saint Michael statue while trying to take a photo of something.

This recently happened at the National Museum of Ancient Art in Lisbon during their free-entrance Sunday. The tourist was backing off when he unintentionally knocked the sculpture down, shattering it to pieces.

While taking a photo, a Brazilian tourist accidentally knocked over this 18th century sculpture of Saint Michael.


Nuno Miguel Rodrigues was on the museum when the shocking incident took place. He took a photo of the destroyed sculpture and posted it on Facebook. It immediately went viral. He captioned the heartbreaking image:

“It’s the price to be paid for free entrances on the first Sunday of every month.”

Museum staff assures that the statue can still be restored, although it would take a lengthy process.


Jose Alberto Seabra Carvalho, deputy director of the museum, said:

“I’ve been working in the museum for many years and cannot recall anything similar happening.”

As of this writing, investigations are being conducted and the identity of the Brazilian tourist is still being kept confidential. Meanwhile, the staff of the museum said that restoration of the smashed sculpture is possible, although it would take a lengthy, difficult process.

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Artist Creates Illustrations That Explore Ecstatic World of Couple’s Intimacy

These steamy illustrations will definitely get your fingers busy.

For starters, a good sex is something that offers fun, romance, and excitement, among others. While most will agree that every couple needs it, some people do not understand the importance of doing the deed. You see, it is not just about fulfilling your partner’s desire. Sexual intimacy plays an important role in ensuring a relationship’s success.

Interestingly, an artist by the name of Frida Castelli explored the ecstatic world of a couple’s intimacy. And although sex (in one way or another) remains to be a taboo in the society, it is about time that people start to accept its essence in every relationship.

From foreplay to different sexual positions, Frida beautifully created illustrations that will give you a deeper look at intimacy. We have compiled her works below, and let us know which ones are your favorites. Obviously, you are going to love one or two of them. Enjoy!

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Artist Spends Hours Creating Stunning Mandalas Using Natural Objects

These works of art soothe your eyes and soul.

When it comes to beauty, there is nothing that can top nature. It is just what it is. Apparently, though, an artist by the name of James Brunt is looking for ways to make nature’s beauty even more appealing. He is fond of creating artworks using natural objects he acquires around his turf in Yorkshire, England.

James’ creations are something that will please both your eyes and soul. From using dried twigs to rocks to even leaves, he is arranging materials into various forms of art. These include, but not limited to, circles, spirals, concentric shapes, and other detailed patterns. He regularly takes photographs of his works and uploads them on social media. This dude right here is definitely a man of art!

Scroll down below and be ready to get mesmerized. These are not something you have seen before. And, oh, do not forget to let us know which one interests you the most! Enjoy!

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Here’s What Countries Would Look Like If They Were People

In the global arena, every country has its image, but how would they look as people?

When it comes to the global arena, it is safe to say that each country has its own image to portray. It may paint a picture of culture, tradition, and people. In any case, they are meant to describe a country as a whole. But what if each of them actually looks like ordinary citizens of today?

This is exactly what a Russian artist by the name of Anastasia Bulgakova thought. In her project, she draws “personifications of different countries.” All of them are interestingly drawn in “militant and warrior-like,” covered in blood and dirt. Mind you, she does not aim any political persuasion here.

As she explains,

Simply because that’s what I always draw in any case, and the idea of warrior-countries gives a lot of creative freedom.

Anastasia adds that every character in her project has, in one way or another, stereotypical attributes. If for an American it might appear a bit naïve and idealistic, a Japanese dude will come with a suspicious smile. And, as she points outs, one can easily recognize her characters in the street.

Well, without further ado, here are character designs Anastasia made for each country in the world. Check them out and let us know which one is your favorite (aside from your own country, of course!).

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