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15 of the Most Inappropriate Selfies Ever Taken

Because its absolutely crucial to post everything on social media, right?

Mark Andrew





Personally, I don’t have anything against selfies as long as they’re not done too excessively and they’re done with some common sense. For example, I recently unfollowed several people on Facebook who’s been posting a minimum of, believe it or not, three albums of selfies every single freaking day.

How could some people be too full of themselves, right? It’s downright annoying!

Now what’s even more disappointing is that how others can be extremely insensitive about where and when they take their personal photos.

Case in point, this compilation of 15 tasteless selfies will probably disgust you to bits. Some are just dangerous while others are plain insensitive.

Go see for yourself and find out what I mean.

#1. Smiling on a selfie during a war.

Because it’s absolutely crucial to keep your social media friends updated, right?

#2. Raging bull selfie.

Definitely not a good time to be taking selfies if you ask me.

#3. Cool or risky? You decide.

I’m thinking it’s more of the latter.

#4. Selfie of a vehicular accident spot.

People probably died in there, man.

#5. Here goes another example.

To be fair, I’m not sure if this deserves a front page though.

#6. On a plane crash site.

Oh geez.. That’s just wrong.

#7. This one is simply inappropriate.

I don’t know what to think about humans anymore.

#8. Bathroom selfie.

Sure, it’s funny how that guy is peeing like a toddler. But still…

#9. #blessed?

Wow! Did this selfie really had to make it to social media?

#10. Selfie with a cop.

“ATM: Got pulled over by a cop for overspeeding lol”

#11. Fire selfie.

If you’re smiling during a fire, you’re probably responsible for it.

#12. Meanwhile in Poland…

Death camp selfies are absolutely among the worst.

#13. You’re under arrest!

But why? WHY???

#14. “The most inappropriate selfie of the year”

Like seriously?

#15. Selfie with EgyptAir hijacker.

He must be so proud. Damn!

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Instead of Tipping This Filipina Waitress, Students Leave Racist Message On The Receipt

She’s been working for 4 to 5 years and this is the first time she experienced something like this.

Mark Andrew



Rachel Mau works as an IHOP waitress in Virginia Beach, Virginia. One Friday night, she had to do a double shift because a huge group of high school students came to have a party. Only 5 of the teens were left the following day and Rachel waited for them.

Later on, the Filipina-American waitress was surprised to discover that the students left something on their receipts.

Source: via Rappler

It wasn’t a tip but a handwritten message that said "Build that wall, Trump daddy" on the tip column. On another receipt, they wrote “nah.”

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Over 4,000 Students Form Largest Human Christmas Tree For Official Guinness Record Attempt

Now that’s a tree-mendous achievement!

Mark Andrew



Perhaps no other Christmas symbol is as iconic and universal as the Christmas tree. We see them everywhere and, based on a recent article we posted here on our site, they have a rich and interesting history as well.

They’re colorful and they come in many unique designs. That’s why it’s always fun to put one up during the holiday season. Kids and kids-at-heart love them a lot!

A huge group of kids from India, however, took things to the next level when they made a “tree-mendous” attempt at a Guinness World Record for the largest human Christmas tree.

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This Man Got Kicked Out Of A Delta Plane Because He Was Speaking Arabic

Racism is still alive.

Mark Andrew



YouTuber Adam Saleh recently uploaded a controversial video that shows him getting kicked out of a London to New York flight. The reason? Well other passengers apparently felt uncomfortable that he “spoke in a different language.”

According to Adam, he was talking with his parents over the phone in Arabic before the Delta plane took off.

Source: YouTube

Ridiculous, you say? Well, it absolutely is!

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