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15 Simple Hacks That Can Save Your Life One Day

Remember these little nuggets of knowledge. They can spell the difference between life and death.


While everyone’s familiar with safety rules these days, it’s easy to ignore them if they seem too inconsequential or inconvenient.

However, these cautions aren’t there without a reason and many of them should be indispensable in everyday life.

Here are 15 no-nonsense facts you should remember to save your life:

#1 Don’t use your mobile phone (or any other electronic device) while walking.


Based on many recorded accidents, walking and cellphone use don’t mix. Concentrating on a mobile phone can cause you to lose track of your surroundings such as open manholes, staircases, and even moving vehicles.

#2 When driving, eliminate blind spots by adjusting car mirrors correctly.


Always adjust side mirrors to be able to spot other vehicles coming up behind you. This way, you don’t have any blind spots to put you at risk of accidents.

#3. Wear the right clothes for cold weather.


Wearing woolen clothes and other insulating garments ensures your temperature doesn’t fall too quickly during cold weather months. Wet skin lets you lose heat faster, and wearing cotton fabric that doesn’t absorb moisture well will freeze you in no time at all.

#4. Don’t inflate your life jacket while still inside the aircraft.


In case the airplane you’re riding needs to make an emergency water landing, never inflate your life jacket inside the aircraft. Doing so will only make you float to the plane’s ceiling, unable to move. First swim out of the plane, then pull the inflation cord once outside.

#5. Learn the Heimlich maneuver to prevent choking.

man performing the Heimlich maneuver on a woman

The Heimlich maneuver has proven vital in saving choking people’s lives.

Here are four easy steps to learn this life-saving technique:

• Place your fist, thumb side in, just above the person’s navel.
• Grasp the fist tightly with your other hand and move it upwards, applying strong pressure to their rib cage.
• Repeat such quick upward and inward thrusts until you dislodge the object blocking their airway.
• If none of the above-mentioned actions produce an effect, lean the person over a fixed horizontal object, such as a table edge, chair, or railing, and press their abdomen just above the navel against the edge to produce a quick upward pressure. Repeat until the object is expelled.


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