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Did a 12-year-old Girl Outsmart Einstein and Hawking?

The Colchester County high school student told CNN in a interview that she was surprised that the exam wasn’t as hard as she imagined.


London-based 12-year-old kid Lydia Sebastian got the highest possible score in the world’s oldest high-IQ organization’s test: 162. Only 1% of the global organization for geniuses Mensa have achieved this feat that makes her allegedly better than the great Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking who both have 160 IQ scores.

Lydia Sebastian - 01

The Colchester County high school student told CNN in a interview that she was surprised that the exam wasn’t as hard as she imagined.

“I was really nervous before the test and I thought it was going to be really hard. But as I started the test, I thought it was a bit easier than I thought it was going to be,” the little genius said.

But, the 8th grader also admitted that comparing her to Einstein and Hawking isn’t exactly appropriate because they have already contributed a lot in society.

“I don’t think I can be compared to such great intellectuals such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. They’ve achieved so much. I don’t think it’s right,” she said.

Social media’s go-to science blog I Fucking Loving Science remains dubious to this claim and points out three reasons why Lydia Sebastian isn’t better than Einstein and Hawking.

First: Einstein didn’t even take a Mensa IQ test.

Einstein be like "You smarter than me yo?"

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Second: Mensa’s exams vary and change depending on the takers age and background. “Mensa states that the differences in the tests are to adjust for ‘youth and inexperience or age and diminishing speed.’”

Validate your methods.

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Third: IQ tests aren’t really a good gauge of greatness. Research proves that people who get low results for these kinds of exams actually thrive in life because they grow up more determined.

Hawking sends his regards.

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“The researchers suggest that in children who achieve high IQ scores, this increased motivation might help explain why those with the best scores often go on to achieve the best in life.”


Smarter Than Einstein! This Brilliant 12-Year-Old Girl Has An Impressively High IQ Score

With a Mensa IQ test score of 162, Nicole Barr is clearly brighter than the rest.

This young girl from Harlow, Essex has recently been getting a lot of online interest lately. Why? Well, this child prodigy has achieved a remarkably high score in the Mensa IQ test – a score that’s higher than that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking!

Nicole Barr, 12 years old, took the test with her father a few weeks ago. The result was impressive as she hit a score of 162. Jim Barr, her father, was amazed but was not surprised. From the beginning, he expected his daughter to do well confident with the fact that she has a brilliant mind. With such a huge score, Nicole not only beat her father but many geniuses as well.

Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates only scored 160. This 12-year-old girl got 162.


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