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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sriracha, the World’s Most Famous Hot Sauce





If spicy food is your thing, then you probably have tried (or are currently using) Sriracha as your condiment. Consistently topping most of the hottest sauces in the world lists, the spicy sauce in the bottle with the now-iconic rooster logo is a staple in restaurants.

It goes with practically everything you can ketchup on, from burgers to eggs, although of course, Sriracha tastes a whole lot better compared to ketchup. But Sriracha is more than just your typical hot sauce sold in your grocery store.

The most famous hot sauce in the world.

Here are 10 facts that make this popular product so interesting.

1) Most people are pronouncing the name wrong.

Source: Buzzfeed

It’s see-rah-cha, not sree-rat-cha.

2) Sriracha is not the brand name.

It’s actually the type of sauce. The brand name is Huy Fong.

3) The rooster in the logo doesn’t just stand for the sauce’s “cockiness”.

Source: Foodista

It also happens to be the Chinese zodiac sign of the sauce’s founder, David Tran.

4) Attempts have been made to DRINK loads of this sauce.

Source: YouTube

We have here an idiot who actually drank 3 pounds of the sauce. No kidding.

5) Huy Fong is actually the name of the ship that carried David Tran to the U.S.

Source: Bomble

Tran, who is of Chinese descent, was riding the ship named Huey Fong when he arrived in the States. He created the original version of Sriracha back in China and stored them in Gerber baby food jars. He restarted the business when he immigrated to the U.S.

6) It’s not just a condiment. You can also use the sauce in cooking food.

Aside from the mouth-watering Sriracha Fried Chicken, there are other recipes that used the sauce in cooking. There’s actually a cookbook dedicated to Sriracha as an ingredient.

7) The main factory produces 3,000 bottles of Sriracha every hour.

Source: BBC

That’s 20 million bottles a year. The assembly line works 24 hours a day, six days a week.

8) There are Sriracha-flavored chips!

Source: Thrillist

Lay’s, Pringles, and Kettle chips came out with their respective Sriracha flavors.

9) The name of the sauce comes from a town in Thailand.

Source: Thai Smile

Si Racha is a small coastal town in Thailand with a population of 19,221.

10) It has its own film!

Source: Vimeo

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, a documentary has been made about the famous sauce.

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