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Tribe Has a Unique Way Of Cooking Omelet. They Do It In The SAND!

Now that’s amazing.


For most of us, cooking eggs is a no-brainer activity. Just break the egg, put the contents in the pan, and fry it according to your desired crisp. You can put eggs in the microwave or just dunk them in a pan of boiling water if you don’t like the fried variety.

But what happens if you’re stuck in the desert and you have none of these cooking tools? Can you still cook the egg? Well, this tribal woman was able to do it just by burying the egg in the hot sand.

This guy from an Animal Planet show approached an old woman and gave her a big egg to cook. Judging from the size of it, it must be an ostrich egg, with contents equivalent to two dozen regular chicken eggs.

Watch how she used nature’s materials to cook the egg.

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Now that’s amazing. I’m not sure I can actually eat sand-crusted egg, but when you’re actually stuck in the desert region, you’ll eat pretty much anything.



Men and Women Pay Tribute to Their Single Moms on Father’s Day

Men and women raised by single mothers pay tribute to their amazing moms on Father’s Day.

I can think of several positive adjectives that can help describe what fathers are and how important they are to a family. As the "head of the family", fathers lead, protect, and provide all the needs of his wife and children.

However, that may not always be the case. For various reasons, a family may lack that one valuable member. And oftentimes, the mother has to step up and play both roles for the sake of her children.

This Father's day, we celebrate the nobility, hard work, and perseverance of our dads who would go up to the moon and back just to provide a better life for us. But, we would also celebrate the selflessness, strength, and sacrifices of all the single moms out there who try or have also tried to be the best father to her kids.

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Isn’t This Octopus Adorable? Scientists Might Just Name it “Adorabilis”

Definitely adorabilis!


From time to time, we encounter adorable creatures from the ocean. This little octopus which looks like a cross between a Pokemon creature and Pac-Man is now making waves on the Internet and may potentially earn the name “Adorabilis” for its obvious cuteness.

Since 1990, specimens of this type of octopus have been collected but remained unnamed. Stephanie Bush, a postdoctoral fellow at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research, is planning to use Opisthoteuthis adorabilis as the cute little fella’s scientific name.

Speaking to Science, Bush said: "One of the thoughts I had was making it Opisthoteuthis Adorabilis -- because they're really cute.”

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Smart Dog Rescues his Friends who were Drifting Down the River in an Unmanned Canoe!

Robbie Benson swam towards his friends across the river and made a very smart move that saved his friends’ lives.

Dog lovers get terribly heartbroken whenever they hear news about hurt or mistreated dogs. Because they know that with the right training, these dogs are truly the best companion a person can ever have.

They are loyal, intelligent, and loving four-legged creatures, and they are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the sake of their masters. However, the clip below proves that they're not just helpful and kind to humans, but also to dogs that are in dire need of help.

In the video, a dog named Robbie Benson risked his own life to save a mountain cur named Jukebox Bullet and a hound named Rusty Sierra--two dogs trapped in a canoe that was drifting down a river.  Fortunately, Robbie was around to save the day!

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