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Tribe Has a Unique Way Of Cooking Omelet. They Do It In The SAND!





For most of us, cooking eggs is a no-brainer activity. Just break the egg, put the contents in the pan, and fry it according to your desired crisp. You can put eggs in the microwave or just dunk them in a pan of boiling water if you don’t like the fried variety.

But what happens if you’re stuck in the desert and you have none of these cooking tools? Can you still cook the egg? Well, this tribal woman was able to do it just by burying the egg in the hot sand.

This guy from an Animal Planet show approached an old woman and gave her a big egg to cook. Judging from the size of it, it must be an ostrich egg, with contents equivalent to two dozen regular chicken eggs.

Watch how she used nature’s materials to cook the egg.

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Now that’s amazing. I’m not sure I can actually eat sand-crusted egg, but when you’re actually stuck in the desert region, you’ll eat pretty much anything.


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