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This Physics Teacher Inspires Everyone in Class But When He Gets Home, it’s a New Story!





Sometimes, people who look strong and composed on the outside are those who carry the biggest problems in life. We admire them for being able to wake up everyday, not letting their problems get in the way, and instead stay wholly inspired.

A teacher in Louisville High School, named Mr. Wright, have completely changed the way students look at Physics. He is not the type of teacher who uses conventional methods in imparting lessons; instead he lets the students go out to the field, perform experiments, and let them discover the beauty of science. Furthermore, he had established a close relationship with his students, as he feels his responsibility as a teacher is not confined in the school. He believes that whilst they learn a lot from his class, the things they encounter when they get home can affect their holistic being. And so, he talks to them and the students find it easy to confide to him as well.

Mr. Wright seems like the perfect man who only have sunshine and happiness in life, but the truth is, he comes home to a very challenging family everyday. His youngest son has Joubert syndrome, which is a genetic neurological disorder that affects the tone and coordination of the muscles.

Watch his very inspiring video by The New York Times below. It may be quite long but we guarantee that it is all worth it.

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Mr. Wright is the perfect example of how we should live – positive, inspired and energetic. We may face more challenging problems than his, but these are not reasons to sulk in one corner and not live life to the fullest. Let us remember that challenges are there to guide us, strengthen us and mold us into the best persons we could ever be.

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Credits: The New York Times

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