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15 Funniest and Worst Jack-o-Lantern That Were Carved Into Failure





It’s October again and that means it’s time for our favorite Autumn traditions! Aside from the much-awaited Oktoberfests and Halloween parties to get absolutely-batshit-crazy kind of drunk, pumpkin carvings and jack-o-lanterns will soon abound. And while you diabolically wait for the laugh-worthy pumpkin carving fails of your friends in their Facebook timelines and Instagram, suit yourself with some of “the best at being worst” pumpkin carvings we’ve gathered for your fun.

#1. Is it just me, or he resembles Lord Voldemort? That noseless stump really makes it The-Pumkin-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named


Photo credit:
#2. So many questions… of all words, why HERPES? We may never know why, but this lantern sure is "viral"


Photo credit: Flickr: JustinP
#3. A cat with a falling face… at least the head shape is perfect!


Photo credit: Instagram by: brownbatter
#4. Aww giving birth to a pumpkin must really be painful, just look at that agony on her face!


Photo credit: Dr.Jimenez (it says so on the towel!)
#5. It's a flight of stairs, it's jagged mountains, it's Yin Yang, It's nevermind… it's probably Edward biting Bella in the neck.

flick DCIN photo

Photo credit: Flick by DCIN Photo
#6. But what is she running away from? @[email protected]


Photo credit: stronglikemycoffee
#7. It's outright cheating because it's painted and not carved!! But… come on, she is kinda cute!

Flickr by swelldesigned

Photo credit: Flickr by swelldisgner
#8. Is it apocalypse yet with the Walking Dead Pumpkin?


Photo credit: Imgur by Positivland
#9. Now you see the hair, now you don't!


Photo credit: Instagam by kristoyo
#10. just… I'm at a loss for words on this one! A surgery? An accident? All I know is that , this pumpkin's got it bad.

yuliyabee Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram by yuliyabee
#11. She came in like a wrecking ball.. oh so that explains the wrecked face in the pumpkin!

instagram madisonsi

Photo credit: Instagram by madisonsi
#12. It's so avant-garde and high fashion, you bet this pumpkin's gonna be America's Next Top Model! Hi Tyra!


Photo credit: Pinterest
#13. Do you also kinda feel sorry and grossed out at him at the same time?


Photo credit: viraltemperature
#14. So #13 cried because of Donald Trumpkin! The trumpkin theme is the trend this season!


Photo credit: unknown
#15. This pumpkin was literally fired! Don't believe it? Just watch.

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Awesomely insane right? That guy’s got other videos of pumpkins carved from rifles and AK-47s!

Pumpkin carving is not all about failures, there are some that are just to good to be true! Read here to see some great ones.

What’s your favorite? Have you seen any funny pumpkin carving fails this season? Share below 🙂

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