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These Women Set The Best Example On Why You Should Read Product Labels

Not reading product labels can land you at the hospital.


Here’s one of those stories that will literally make you confused. You don’t know if you would laugh or be sad about it.

A woman in Eastern Europe was sent to the Emergency Room at the local hospital after mistakenly using a can of builder’s foam for a regular hair mousse. The woman looked so apathetic at the ER room while waiting for the hospital’s medical staff to attend to her bizarre looking hair.

The woman looked like someone who just came from a festival in some tropical country with a bouquet of flowers being put on her head. It really looked funny but she was definitely not laughing, and nobody blames her for that.

She doesn’t look ecstatic at all.

woman in europe polyurethane foam

One can only imagine how stupid she had felt when she realized she wasn’t using her favorite hair product. Instead, it was polyurethane foam, which is primarily used to fill gaps and block leaks during construction—definitely not for any fashion statement.

We are not really certain what happened to the woman after they fixed her hair, one thing is for sure: that experience will certainly make her read labels before applying something.

This is not the first time someone was in the news for mistakenly using a material not intended for the human body.

A woman in Florida named, Katherine Gaydos, thought she was putting eye drops into her eye to get rid of something that apparently causes some itchiness. However, it was not an eye drop but super glue. Gaydos said it was the most painful experience she had gone through in her life. The eye was completely shut and it took eight days before something was done to fix it.

Fortunately for her, the doctor assured her that the incident did not cause any permanent damage to her eye.
Best advice we can give is to make sure you read the label before using something or consuming something. It may just save you from any permanent damage or even death.

Check out the video.

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H/T: ABC News


Woman Gets a Serious Infection and Was Hospitalized After Having Pedicure

Know what to watch out for when having manicure and pedicure!

Aside from making sure that your finger and toe nails look good and clean, manicure and pedicure can be relaxing since manicurists do little reflexology and hand massage techniques.

We should keep in mind that if we have a wound or injury in our hands, fingers, feet or toes; it’s best to not have our nails done yet. Wait for your wound or rashes to heal first to avoid infection or illness.

Of course, all the tools used for manicure and pedicure must be properly sterilized, maintained and cleaned but sometimes some salons fail to practice this strict hygienic procedure and this can cause serious harm to customers.

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Karate ‘Master’ Accidentally Kicks Woman’s Face After Missing Apple On Her Head

What an epic fail!

Crime nowadays has gotten so rampant that some women are forced to take self-defense lessons so they can protect themselves.

I, however, doubt that the woman in the video below would still want anything to do with martial arts after what happened to her. She’ll most likely stay away from the field forever. Probably, she’ll just pick up a gun, a pepper spray, or some other weapon to defend herself.

In a viral YouTube video, this woman volunteered for a demonstration where she agreed to let a martial arts “master” show off his skills by kicking an apple placed on her head.

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This Guy Was Born With A Rare Birthmark That Looks Like He’s Turning Into A Werewolf

Wolfman spotted! Find out about his condition.

There are certain human conditions that are just hard to explain. Some of them have been given scientific explanations, while some cannot be understood as to why they occur in some people.

Just like this man in China who is suffering from a rare genetic condition.

Zhang Hongming sees himself looking like a movie character that resembles a werewolf because of the thickness of hair that covers most part of his body.

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