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Thailand is Sick Of Backpackers Begging For Money On Streets

The country’s government even coined the term ‘beg-packers’ for them.


Travelling to different places is definitely a fun thing to do, provided that you have the luxury to do so. And by luxury it means resources such as food, clothes and, more importantly, money. These are the basics – a no-brainer perhaps. But alas, some so-called backpackers are trying to stain the art of travel by begging for money on the streets.

Apparently, Thailand has had enough of these backpackers. In fact, they coined them with the name “beg-packers” for the literal meaning of it.

Backpackers (infamously known as “beg-packers”) are flooding the streets of Thailand, begging for money to support their travel needs.

In a report from New York Post, visitors who enter the country will be required to show immigration officials a certain amount of money. How much exactly? Well, it is 20,000 baht or $748 in cash. Otherwise, they will be rejected.

This is actually an ongoing operation in Thailand. Immigration officials are being posted on border checkpoints to verify if the people entering the country have enough funds with them.
Reports also suggest that visitors with a history of tourist visa entries are the ones being scrutinized the most. This goes the same with people who only hold education visa.

Foreigners tend to visit Asian countries with little to no funds.

Interestingly, the officials did not reveal nor deny the purpose behind the crosschecking. However, people are convinced that this is the country’s way of resolving the rise of beg-packers. This is also an obvious response to foreigners who try to work in the country illegally.

An unnamed Thailand immigration officer has confirmed the ongoing operation. They are doing the checking in order to ensure that visitors have enough money to support their stay. And of course, by doing so, they are preventing the rise of beg-packers.

The increasing number of beg-packers is quite alarming, forcing Thailand to implement a certain rule in immigration.

In a sense, this is a legal procedure from the immigration department. They have the right to check whoever enters the country. Unfortunately for these beg-packers, their time has come.

The number of backpackers exponentially increased over the course of several months. Foreigners tend to visit Asia, but only bring a small amount of money. To cater for their needs, they go to the streets and beg people for money. They are literally asking people to support them with their travel luxury when, in the first place, it is their responsibility.


Bodies of Couple Who Disappeared 75 Years Ago Found Preserved in Glacier

“They were perfectly preserved in the glacier and their belongings were intact.”

The bodies of a couple who mysteriously disappeared in Switzerland 75 years ago were finally found. According to authorities, their corpses and all their belongings were perfectly preserved in a shrinking Tsanfleuron glacier.

Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin disappeared on August 15, 1942 after milking cows in the meadow above Chandolin in the Valais canton. They were found on a glacier near a ski lift above Les Diablerets resort by a staff doing routine maintenance work on the equipment.

The staff first saw a protruding foot from the ice.

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Twitter of Chester Bennington’s Wife Hacked, Tweets About Cheating With Mike Shinoda

Fans are hoping the tweets are not really coming from Chester’s wife.

As millions of fans mourn the death of Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington, his wife, Talinda-Ann Bentley, on the other hand, is believed to be targeted by a hacker, according to reports. The former Playboy model’s Twitter account was hacked and tweets include confessions about cheating with Chester’s bandmate Mike Shinoda.

Recently, Bentley took to the social media platform to post sick tweets in which she said she encouraged the vocalist to kill himself and that no one will care about his death. Prior to this tweet, Bennington’s wife wrote on Twitter admitting to cheating with Shinoda. The tweets have since been deleted but different news outlets have already picked up on it.

Chester Bennington’s wife allegedly posted on Twitter that she was cheating on him.

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Japanese Company to Dump 777,000 Tons of Radioactive Waste into Ocean

600 barrels containing around 777,000 tons of radioactive waste are about to be dumped in the ocean.

Recent news reports are telling us that, as the article title says, a certain company in Japan is preparing to dump 777,000 tons of radioactive waste into the ocean. This, of course, is part of the ongoing clean-up efforts following the tragic 2011 tsunami that claimed 16,000 lives and caused the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdown.

Japan Times reported that the said nuclear disaster has been the biggest ever since Chernobyl and tons of water have been used to pump through the reactors in the hopes of preventing overheating.

The water has since become radioactive and so now it has to be disposed.

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