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Nail Salon Receives Backlash After Making Fat Customers Pay Extra

This nail salon in Tennesee just went viral for the wrong reason.


Rose Nails, a nail salon in Tennessee, is currently under fire after being accused of charging their overweight customers more for pedicure services. According to the allegations, a sign was put up on the salon indicating that people with bigger built have to pay extra than the regular charge.

Deshania Ferguson, a woman from Memphis, took a photo of the sign and then shared it on social media. She can only describe the said price hike in two words: “so rude!”

Ferguson took a snapshot of the salon’s sign and posted it on Facebook.

The controversial sign read:

“Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists. Thank you!”

The photo has since gone viral, receiving numerous criticisms from netizens who were surprised by the unfair extra charge.

Usually, Rose Nails only charges up to $30 for their pedicure service.

Eventually, the DailyMail got in touch with the salon to clarify things but the website said that “the person who answered the phone tried to claim that a wrong number had been dialed.”

Son Nguyen, owner of Rose Nails, went on to deny that the sign ever existed.

Meanwhile, WREG, a station in Tennessee, was able to speak with salon owner Son Nguyen. He denied that they had the sign, despite being shown the viral Facebook photo.

Nguyen, however, confirmed that there have been instances in the past when they had to reject overweight customers because it is “difficult for technicians to give them pedicures”.

Furthermore, he shared that they have had two broken chairs in the salon because of fat customers which has ended costing them for about $2,500.

“They took the sign down and denied ever having it up…. pictures are worth a thousand words,” commented Ferguson on Facebook.

Well what do you think about this, folks? Is it fair the salon to charge higher or is it plain ridiculous? Hit us up in the comment section.


Mother Refused To Breastfeed Her ‘Alien-Looking’ Newborn Baby

Poor little baby.

Mothers, how would you feel if your baby looked different from everyone else? Will you still take him as your own or will you shun him away? Good mothers, of course, would go with the first option. Besides, your baby is YOUR baby and your duty as a parent doesn’t suddenly change if your child just because he isn’t normal.

Unfortunately,a mother from Kathihar in Bihar, India initially didn’t feel that way. After giving birth to an infant, Khalida Begum immediately ordered the midwives to remove the baby from her sight.

The newborn baby was called an ‘alien’ by some locals because of his strange appearance.

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According to Joe Adams, “spots are going fast.”

How do you score a date these days? While many might suggest using popular dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, Joe Adams will tell you something else – like creating a killer dating resume.

Yes, you read that right, my friends. A dating resume!

After being rejected by an “absolutely gorgeous girl,” Joe Adams made a killer dating resume – it later went viral.

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Call Of Duty Gamer Tracks Down Rival Then Beat The Crap Out of Him

This is what happens when you take video games too seriously.

Remember that time when some random dude insulted you online? Did you ever feel like you want to punch that person in the face? Well, that’s exactly what one Call of Duty player did – although things didn’t actually end up well for him in the long run.

During the course of playing the game, one player - let’s call him Guy #1 – was insulted by another gamer, Guy #2, and he got really mad about it. As if that was not enough, Guy #2 even had the gall to tell Guy #1 the exact location of the internet café where he was in.

So Guy #1 got off the game to find his Call of Duty rival…

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