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Taiwanese ‘Snipers’ Perform Unbelievable Top Trick Shots





The thought of watching a bunch of old guys playing with spinning tops may not sound particularly exciting but trust us, it’s actually very amazing and entertaining.

Uploaded by Kuma Films on their YouTube channel, the video below shows us a group of men from Taiwan called the “spin top snipers.” Honestly, to say that we were impressed by their top trick shots is an understatement. We are completely mind-blown in fact!

While internet-loving kids may not be aware what they are but yes, tops have been around for a long time. These wooden toys usually come in a variety of colors. The player needs to wrap a piece of string around it and then toss it around to let it spin. It may not be much but it’s absolutely a fun little thing to play with.

These Taiwanese guys called “spin top snipers” perform jaw-dropping top trick shots.

spin top trick shot 4

Source: Kuma Films

These days, it looks like tops are making a come back in Taiwan – and these guys are doing a great job reintroducing the awesome toy to younger generations. Although heck, their skills are so advanced that even those of us who grew up playing tops will surely feel intimidated. If I ever come close to these folks, I’ll not even attempt to lay my fingers on a top but I’ll simply watch them do their thing.

Watch the full video here:

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I guess these Taiwanese guys weren’t called “snipers” without a reason. They’re really awesome at what they do!

If you enjoyed watching that, be sure to visit Kuma Films’ official YouTube channel for more fun videos.

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