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ISIS Sends Out New Threatening Poster Urging Jihadis to Attack Rome

ISIS is said to carry out attacks on the Vatican City on Christmas.

Young Filipino Soldier Makes Ultimate Sacrifice in Fight Against ISIS-Backed Terrorists

Surrounded by the enemy, heroic Filipino soldier Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot, urged his commanding officer, "Just bomb my location, Sir!"

Philippine Military Tanks Fighting ISIS-Backed Terrorists Use DIY Wood “Armor”

Philippine military tanks going after ISIS-backed terrorists in Marawi City have been reinforced with makeshift "wood armor."

Trump Says He’s OK About Torturing Suspected ISIS Terrorists, CIA and...

“We have to fight fire with fire,” US Pres. Donald Trump said.

Racist Woman Mistakenly Accused Two Brazilian Men On The Road For...

Uh-oh, this woman better calm down!

War Among Terrorists: Al Qaeda Declares War Against ISIS

As it appears, al Qaeda and ISIS are possibly going to war against each other.