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Navy Nurse Flips Newborn The Finger, Calling Babies ‘Mini Satan’

A Navy nurse from Jacksonville, Florida became the center of a controversy after posting disturbing pictures with a newborn baby.

African Bride, 29, Falls In Love With 92-Year-Old Rich Businessman Despite...

Needless to say, the wedding has become very controversial.

This Controversial Meme About Children And Consent Has Sparked A Great...

Asking your child to give your friend or relative a simple kiss or a hug might seem completely harmless but this viral meme tells us otherwise.

Controversial Video Shows Father Teaching His 4-Year-Old Daughter To Fire A...

The gun-loving father believes that teaching his kid is a good way of protecting her.

This Russian Artist’s Controversial Digital Paintings Contain Hidden Messages

Several of his paintings are socially and sexually charged, but they are also honest.