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African Bride, 29, Falls In Love With 92-Year-Old Rich Businessman Despite 63-Year Age Gap





Age is just a number, they say, and it doesn’t really matter much when you are in love with another person – whether the individual is younger or older than you. Still, this African bride did not manage to escape harsh judgments from the internet after a photo of her and her groom recently surfaced online.

As we can see on the photo below, the woman married a man who is much, much older than her. In fact, he’s 63 years her senior!

29-year-old Charity Mumba of Zambia recently got married with 92-year-old Peter Grooves of South Africa.

Reports describe Mr Grooves as a ‘very rich man’ who has made his fortune in stocks and shares. His total wealth, however, remains undeclared to the public.

The controversial wedding caught the attention of many social media users and many didn’t hold back at throwing accusations towards the bride.

One Facebook user wrote:

“Zambian women are a disgrace, you come all the way to dine with an old man.

“What special attention are you going to give him apart from sucking up his money.”

Another commented:

“It is sad that women nowadays don’t know how to work hard but just find a life with a finished old man, very soon he is dying and she will inherit his riches.”

Despite all the criticism, some netizens said they see “nothing wrong if they love each other”.

Well, what do you personally think about this, folks? Please feel free to leave a comment below!

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