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After A Streak Of 51 Defeats, Britain’s Worst Boxer Finally Wins A Match





Frankly, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard of a loser as determined as this dude.

Robin Deakin has been aptly-nicknamed by many as Britain’s Worst Boxer and for valid reason. The guy has experienced a lengthy series of defeats – a total of 15 loses, if you want me to be a bit more specific – and yet he never once considered hanging up the boxing gloves. At one point, his boxing license was even confiscated for his own well-being.

Still, he remained undaunted and continued to pursue his sports career despite clear, obvious indication that he wasn’t built for it.

Robin Deakin finally won a boxing match against an opponent.

robin-deakin-britain-worst-boxer 4

Last Saturday, he proved his naysayers wrong for, well, at least one match when he won a fight against Deniss Kornilovs, a boxer from Latvia.

Deakin’s last and only win as a boxer was back in 2006.

robin-deakin-britain-worst-boxer 2

Deakin’s win against Kornilovs became official when he was declared victorious after the fourth round.

Since then, he’s been losing boxing fights for the 9 years straight already.

robin-deakin-britain-worst-boxer 3

Despite all that, this guy never gave up. He obviously loved boxing way more than boxing could love him back. With this recent win, his record now proudly shows 2-51. So how does he feel about it?

He has truly regained his pride and he seems to be on a high horse right now, hoping to start challenging other fighters for titles.

Way to go, Robin! May the odds be in your favor from here on.

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