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6 Reasons French People Are Thin

It’s not just their diet; it’s their culture.

France has a lower obesity rate (11%) compared to the US (30%). France’s obesity rate actually used to be lower at only 5.5% in 1995. Experts say the increase is largely due to eating habits inspired by the US. Nevertheless, the French are still doing better than their American friends.

What helps the French maintain their weight and stay thin? It’s not a specific diet. Rather, it’s their lifestyle and culture.

1. A little breakfast

Source: Pixabay

Traditionally, the French skip breakfast. In France, the word breakfast (déjeuner) actually refers to lunch, which is when they break their fast from the night before. Later on, the French got in the habit of having a croissant or some fruits with a cup of coffee in the morning. They created a new word for breakfast, basically, and called it “petit déjeuner” or “little breakfast.”

2. No snacking

Source: Pixabay

Snacking is not a big thing in France. In fact, it is frowned upon and not part of eating habits taught to French children. Children eat three meals and only one snack at around 4 p.m. For the adults, lunch is their biggest meal, which sometimes drags on for hours and includes many courses, with lots of wine. They don’t usually consume snacks and only have little items, like fruits or yogurt, for dinner.

3. Portioning

Source: Pixabay

In the US, a lot of food items are supersized. Of course, the more food in front of you, it is more likely that you will try to consume it. In France, however, there are typically smaller portions and servings of food. These smaller portions have helped the French gain more control of eating.

4. Quality of ingredients

Source: Pixabay

The French are very particular about their ingredients. They want them fresh, and they care a lot about where they are sourced. They have a deep understanding of the complex rules that govern certain food items in the country. For example, when it comes to wine, it would be unacceptable for someone to label a wine as champagne if the product is just sparkling wine from any other region than Champagne in the north of France.

5. Slow eating and socializing

Source: Pixabay

In today’s fast-paced world, fast food joints have taken over and have overshadowed slow eating and socializing during meals. There is so much joy in having home-cooked meals and sharing them with family and friends for hours. This way of slow eating, typical of the French, also helps a person eat fewer calories and more healthy ingredients. Not to mention it can satisfy the soul.

6. Savoring the food

Source: Pixabay

Americans are more obsessed with calorie-counting. When the French cook, however, they don’t fuss so much about the amount of butter or salt they use in their dishes. This is because they focus on the joy of eating and savoring their food. It is not about quantity; it is about quality. It’s also about savoring each bite and letting go of the guilt.

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Man Finds Himself In The Background Of His Fiancee’s Childhood Photo

Could it be pure coincidence or destiny?


Love, an old popular song tells us, moves in mysterious ways and it sure has been a mystery for Verona Koliqi and Mirand Buzaku. The two has recently been engaged and soon thereafter, they found out about one strange coincidence – they were in the same beach (and were just a few feet away from each other) about 10 years ago.

Call it coincidence, fate, or whatever you will! But yes, that’s exactly what happened to these lovers and they were indeed delighted with the discovery.

Coincidence or fate? You decide!

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Verona shared:

“My cousin found this photo on her computer, and she sent it over to me on my phone to laugh about how we looked when we were younger.”

The said picture shows a group of children posing at a Montenegro beach. Later, Verona thought she’d show it to her fiancé. Much to their surprise, Mirand looked closely and found himself in the photo, too!

Added Verona:

“He said, ‘Hold up, I think that’s me!’

“We both looked at each other and said, ‘No way, that can’t be true.’”

Mirand recognized the float and the shirt, claiming he had those same ones when he was a kid. Mirand’s family eventually confirmed this saying they had gone to the same beach at the time.

What makes this incident special, however, was the fact that Verona was visiting from London while Mirand was visiting from Kosovo.

She also said:

“I never knew something like this could happen, even though I’ve heard a saying: ‘You will have passed your soul mate at least once way before you actually meet up.’”

The two formally met in Kosovo in 2016 and they eventually fell in love.

She reflected:

“We exchanged looks every day we saw each other but did nothing.”

After a year, he proposed to her while they were in Turkey.

Verona told:

“I had no clue he was going to propose to me, because in our country’s tradition, engagements are planned and have to be agreed by both beforehand.”

The photos later went viral when Verona shared them via Instagram.

Well congratulations to this adorable couple! May they have more happy memories together in the years ahead.

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Woman Undergoes 30 Surgeries To Look Like A Porn Star For Her Boyfriend

Her boyfriend criticized her and compared her to other girls.


When you love someone, you would sometimes go overboard just to please him or her. This way, you can show your love and affection. However, a 22-year-old woman loved her boyfriend so much; she underwent 30 plastic surgery procedures just to look like a porn star.

Berry Ng, a YouTube star from Hong Kong, underwent several procedures over the last five years, just to impress her (now ex-) boyfriend. She’s now regretting her decision.

Berry said that she started resorting to plastic surgery when her ex-partner compared her to supermodels, particularly porn stars.

As a result, she spent more than $3,000 to have her eyes, cheeks, forehead, nose, breasts, and chin fixed.

Her surgeries started when she was just 17 years old. She found a beauty center that offers student packages.

She got addicted and couldn’t stop undergoing beauty procedures.

In the hopes to impress her boyfriend, who always complained about her overall appearance, she underwent all the cosmetic procedures, which were completed when she was just 21 years old.

Sadly, despite all her efforts to change her appearance, they were still unable to impress her then-boyfriend.

He still criticized her appearance and compared her to other girls. This pushed her to go under the knife more just to gain his approval.

Berry said:

“At that moment, if he had stopped me and told me that I was beautiful enough, I would have stopped, but he didn’t.”

Her ex-boyfriend even insisted that her breasts were too small.

Berry underwent a breast augmentation surgery. The guy, however, said that he did not ask her to do the operation.

Berry got fed up and broke up with her boyfriend.

Now, she has recovered from her addiction to plastic surgery.

On her YouTube site, she regularly posts videos warning other girls against going overboard with plastic surgery and the ill effects of being addicted to cosmetic enhancements.

Berry learned one thing from her experience, that is to love yourself no matter what others say.

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Guy Learns To Break A Glass Using Only His Voice

Can the high C of a trained soprano really quiver glass into dissolution?

You’ve probably seen something like this before in movies and TV shows. A particular scene where a character sings up to the point where they hit a note so high and intense that it breaks all the glass in the vicinity, even the windows.

Another particular thing that you’ve probably seen many times, a woman in an orchestra releasing an earthshaking high note that shatters Champagne flutes. Monocles crack and the chandelier explodes as the power of her voice wreaks havoc on the concert hall. This scene is too common in countless cartoons and comedies, but is this parody based on reality?

Can an opera singer really shatter glass?

To most people, this may just seem like a cartoonish exaggeration. But, believe it or not, with enough practice to attain the right pitch and volume, this is actually possible.

Physics suggests that a voice should be able to break glass. And that’s what exactly what Scottish YouTuber Mike Boyd wants to accomplish in the latest video of his Learn Quick series. Mike challenged himself to learn how to break glass using only his voice.

It took him 4 hours, 29 minutes of practice over the course of 14 days before he gained the ability to shatter a crystal wine glass with the power of his voice.

Watch the video here:

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So how is this scientifically possible?

Well to begin with, sound is also a form of energy, just like electricity. It travels through various substances in waves. When a sound wave comes in contact with a certain object, it excites the particles present in that object, causing its particles to vibrate against themselves.

Glass wine goblets are especially resonant because of their hollow tubular shape, which is why they make a pleasant ringing sound when clinked. An empty glass is also easier to shatter than a glass filled with wine or water. Furthermore, minor defects in the structure of the glass can also help to shatter it more easily, as these defects provide ideal weak spots.

So if a person sings the same tone as that ringing sound when glass clinked — a high C according to legend but in reality the matching pitch could be any note — the sound of your voice will vibrate the air molecules around the glass at its resonant frequency, causing the glass to start vibrating as well. And if you sings loudly enough, the glass will vibrate itself to smithereens.

If you’ve ever doubted your ability to accomplish new things, Mike Boyd’s YouTube channel is the inspiration you’ve been seeking.

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