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He Quit His Job At Wall Street To Open A Pizza Shop. A Customer Did This And Changed Everything!





The greatest impact of human kindness starts from doing little things. Neither is it about donating a huge amount of money to a charity nor is it rooted from inventing a breakthrough scientific device. It is about the small acts we do every day that matter.

Meet Mason Wartman. He used to work at Wall Street in New York but then he realized that  it was not what he wanted, and so he quit and tried his luck in business. He helped amp up a place in Philadelphia and started a pizza shop called Rosa’s. Everything was ordinary, until one day, a customer came in and initiated a very kind act, which inspired Mason to start a whole new project in his pizza shop.

Watch here to find out what the project is all about:

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We think it is so nice to make someone happy with a single slice of pizza. As Mason said, it is unbelievable to think that such a small gesture can be so powerful. With one of the first recipients of the Pay it Forward project able to save up a couple of bucks to get a hair cut, a suit and a job interview, the now ‘working employee’ is a testament that small acts of kindness can really go a long way!

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