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He Quit His Job At Wall Street To Open A Pizza Shop. A Customer Did This And Changed Everything!

The pizza shop that pays it forward has inspired many people to be kind and the homeless, to be fed.


The greatest impact of human kindness starts from doing little things. Neither is it about donating a huge amount of money to a charity nor is it rooted from inventing a breakthrough scientific device. It is about the small acts we do every day that matter.

Meet Mason Wartman. He used to work at Wall Street in New York but then he realized that  it was not what he wanted, and so he quit and tried his luck in business. He helped amp up a place in Philadelphia and started a pizza shop called Rosa’s. Everything was ordinary, until one day, a customer came in and initiated a very kind act, which inspired Mason to start a whole new project in his pizza shop.

Watch here to find out what the project is all about:

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We think it is so nice to make someone happy with a single slice of pizza. As Mason said, it is unbelievable to think that such a small gesture can be so powerful. With one of the first recipients of the Pay it Forward project able to save up a couple of bucks to get a hair cut, a suit and a job interview, the now ‘working employee’ is a testament that small acts of kindness can really go a long way!

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People Avoided this Smelly Homeless Man at Starbucks Until a Stranger Made a Difference

People avoided this homeless man but when someone took and posted his picture, thousands of people cared.

Every person has his own story to tell and a purpose in life, even the homeless people we come across every day. Yes, those people whom some regard as a mere burden to the society are human beings too. They have names and they lived a life like most of us before they tragically ended up the way they did.

It's sad that some people avoid them like being homeless is some form of an infectious disease that they can catch by just talking to them.

It's heartless, and it's true.

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This Dad’s Heartfelt Wedding Gift To His Daughter is a Real Tearjerker

She was not deaf, but her father decided to do this to express how strongly he loves his daughter.

When a woman marries, one of the most emotional persons on the wedding day is her father. Although dads do not usually show cheesy gestures to express how they truly feel, deep inside their hearts is an intense bottle of emotions tightly sealed but may explode when faced with events involving their children.

In this video we found, a dad uses sign language as he renders a song number on his daughter's wedding reception. The bride, Nicole Cortez, is not deaf but her father just wanted to express his emotions in a unique way -- something that could really showcase how he really feel deep inside. The performance got the guests all teary eyed as it was truly heartfelt and beautiful.

Watch the video here:

A father's love is really unique and it is one of the best forms of love one could ever imagine. So to all soon-to-be grooms, remember to love your future wives the way their fathers did. For daughters, treasure your fathers and don't forget that no matter what happens, a father's love never fails.

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This Awesome Prosthetic Arm Allows Kids to Create Lego Attachments

The IKO Creative Prosthetic System allows kids to create Lego attachments for their prosthetic arms

Losing an arm can be a traumatic experience for a child. Imagine not being able to write, draw, play, and other ordinary things that kids do. On top of that, a child can be a source of ridicule among peers because of his or her change in appearance. No wonder being an amputee can take a toll on a youngster’s confidence.

Fortunately though, there are people like Carlos Torres.A designer by profession, Carlos has created the IKO Creative Prosthetic System which, as the name implies, aims to encourage a child to stay creative despite losing his or her limbs.

No, this is not an advanced ultra high-tech prosthetic arm.

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