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Neighbor Offers Ride for A Second Grader Who Walks Two Miles to School





A neighbor is always there to lend a hand they say, and that’s what Becky Novotny is, who offered a ride to Gabe Bellus, who walks with his mom everyday for about 45 minutes each to go to school and back home. This makes the little boy overly tired.

You see there’s a state law that prohibits school buses from picking up kids who live less than four miles from school. This meant an almost 4-hour walk for Kim, Gabe’s mom, to bring him to school and pick him up to go home.

Kim, who is also a student herself, cannot afford to buy a car. She has also sought help from the school’s administration, but with no success.

Good thing Becky was able to watch Kim and Gabe on the news. She decided to stop her car and offered them a ride. Not only that, Becky also offered to bring Gabe to school and take him back home everyday.

Who else could understand Kim’s situation more than Becky, who herself is also a stay-at-home mom to three kids.

Watch the video here:

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Aside from a free ride to school, Gabe was also able to make friends with Becky’s kids and he was just recently recruited to the Boys Scouts by them. Neat, isn’t it?


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