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A Toddler Accidentally Damages Their Neighbor’s Car. The Bill They Sent His Parents SHOCKED Me!





What will you do if your child accidentally damage someone else’s car? Will you be willing to own up to your child’s mistake and pay for the repair?

This was the exact thing that the parents of a three-year-old boy in UK did when their son accidentally placed a dent on their neighbor’s car. Apparently, the toddler unintentionally caused the damage while he was opening the door of their vehicle.

It was the perfect opportunity for the parents to set a good example to their son so they decided to tell the owner about what happened and volunteered to pay for the repair bill.

Several days after the incident, the parents received a letter from the car owner which probably gave them the biggest shock of their lives.


Instead of charging them for the damage, the owners simply asked them for a simple favor – to receive their parcels in their behalf whenever they’re away!

The neighbor’s incredible act of kindness captivated the hearts of social media users after the parents posted a photo of their letter on Facebook. Positive things like this are definitely worth-sharing to the world!

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Source: Mirror UK


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