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Man Sets World Record for Balancing 349 Nails on Top of a Single Nail

Mark Andrew





Your hands may be steady but we bet they are nowhere near as steady as the hands of Alexander Bendikov. Besides, this guy holds the world record for balancing 349 nails on the head of a single nail! So yeah, as a Guinness Record holder, he is indeed ‘officially amazing’.

According to the official Guinness website, Alexander “managed to balance 349 nails in total.” As if that was not enough, we learn that for this title, he was just actually breaking his own world record of 255 nails.

Alexander Bendikov carefully placed one nail after the other.

The world record has achieved in Sevastopol, Russian Federation.

He did the task with great precision that it got him a world record, breaking the previous one he set.

In the past, he held the same record after balancing 255 nails.

Now here goes the final nail in the pile – the 349th!

While it may simply sound like an impressive party trick to some, this world record achievement definitely has more to it than that. Besides, this skill requires a great deal of accuracy as well as hand and eye coordination.

You can watch the video feature here:

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One commenter on the Guinness Facebook page pointed out that this task is definitely “not as easy as it looks.”

Meanwhile, a netizen ranted:

“How is that a record when the ones doing the work is the nail. The human only put and arranged it the credit should go to the nail.”

However, another quickly countered the basher, writing:

“You’re welcome to show how easy it is anytime, mate.”

So yeah, at the end of the day, haters are gonna hate but this world record will stand on its own merits. As anyone who’s ever tried it can attest, this ‘trick’ is surely not a simple feat to achieve!

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