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Watch these Guys’ Reactions When They Realize The Hot Girl They’re Oiling Up Has A D*ck

They all probably thought that they are about to do the deed. As the saying goes, always think twice before you act. Haha!

Bernadette Carillo





With the blazing heat touching your skin, who would not love to bask in the sun and go skinny-dipping, get the perfect tan and get serenaded by the cascading waves of the beach? How much more if you’ll get a bonus treat of not just feasting your eyes on steaming “babes,” but also get to put some lotion on them? Now that’s just perfection, right?

Well, that is exactly what happened on a typical beachside, when a hot babe intentionally showed herself to all the, eherm, ‘perverts’, or say ‘looking-forward-kinda-guys’.

The hot babe asked them to apply some tanning lotion on her while initiating a kinky conversation, almost inviting the poor guy to go to the next level. Booha! It was only moments later, exactly at the moment when they are about to do it when she flips onto her other side and shows off her ‘package’. Say hello to the ‘bombshell’!  Looks like they are not the only with the balls! Sorry, honey, but you ain’t bringing home some goodies today! Haha!

Naturally, all the straight men declined the intimate, once-in-a-lifetime invitation and just laughed off the hilarious incident. It was only after the men declined that it was revealed that everything was just a prank. Guess more reality series should be doing this more and maybe, we will be watching out for more perverts out there! Hahaha!

Watch the video:

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Woman Refused To Give Her Number Until She Found Out He’s A Celebrity

‘Fame digger’ gets exposed in this interesting social experiment.

Ann Moises



What does a woman look for in a man? A handsome face? Great personality? Kind attitude? Great sense of humor? I often hear men joke about girls falling for wealth and fame. Some men say that they could get any gorgeous girl they want even though they're not that young or handsome, as long as they're driving a really nice and expensive car or have a famous family name. Unfortunately, there's some truth in that.

I hate to admit it, but there are some women out there who instantly fall for men just because they're rich and this girl in the video.

Coby Persin is an actor and a model who has his own YouTube channel that features various kinds of pranks. In one of his many social experiments, Coby, dressed up like an ordinary college boy,  walks up to a beautiful girl and starts to chat with her. He wanted to see if the girl would give him her phone number, but he was rejected so he just wished her luck and left.

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Prankster Gave Poor Victims The Most Gross Act Ever Done Inside An Elevator and It Was Hilarious!

One of the perks of enjoying a good prank is getting a selection of reactions from their victims. As the accomplice launches the bait, poor victims instantly become great actors on a clueless film.

Bernadette Carillo



One of the perks of enjoying a good prank is getting a selection of reactions from their victims. As the accomplice launches the bait, the poor victims instantly become great actors on a clueless film. But what will you do if you happened to be one of the grossed victims ever? Totally EEEEWWWW!!!!

Much as elevators are one of the greatest inventions of humans, its walls conceal whatever mystery is bound to happen inside. With the brilliant idea of containing their victims, this agitated “prankster” started the prank by releasing a perky fart. Moments after, the simple farting came along with a very terrible smell from a revolting stomach. It is however at the grand finale when the prankster finally releases the “bowels” straight in their victims’ faces making them obviously grossly paranoid with themselves.

Watch the epic prank:

Lucky for them, it was all just a prank and viewers have now more reasons to go gaga over a well-performed act. Clap! Clap! Clap!

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People Tried to Help a Police Officer, Ended Up Feeling Sorry for it. What a PRANK!

Pedestrians trying to help a cop chasing a kid, feel sorry for it not knowing they have been set up for a prank.

Jessa Ventures



Our common reaction is to help someone in need whenever the situation calls for it, quite natural for humans to do such just like how these pedestrians tried to help a police officer who appears to be chasing a boy. What they didn't know though is that they are being set up for another amusing prank by Just For Laughs Gags, a famous hidden camera comedy show.

It was just priceless to see the looks on their faces after realizing that there was a marathon and that they just let a poor boy and his team lose while the cop went ahead of him all the way to the finish line. Too bad. The group of innocent kids were frustrated of course and it was enough to make the pedestrians feel sorry for it.

Watch the hilarious video:

I would probably feel the same thing. Good thing it was only a prank. Things are really not always what they appear to be. That's one good lesson and one good laugh for today. Share your thoughts and make your friends laugh by sharing this too.

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