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‘Pervert’ Man Gets An Unexpected Reaction After Flashing Kids At The Park





Every once in a while, a creep ends up on the playground. We hear stories in the news every day, and they’re disheartening. Whether you’re a parent or not, when you saw a stranger flashing kids, your first immediate reaction will be to rush to the child’s defense. In this case, the flasher prank only left them laughing at the good message that was learned in the process.

The purpose behind this “flashing children prank” video is apparently designed to anger the parents by making it appear as if he’s wearing nothing underneath his white bathrobe. The man in this video is not your average flasher. The Roman Atwood Pranks YouTube video channel focuses on pulling off pranks in order to garner traffic and attention. So far it’s working because this video has blown past the thirty million view mark. But some critics online believe that acting like a perverted pedophile is never funny.

Watch the video and tell us what you think:

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