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Math Nerds Show Us Exciting New Ways To Slice A Pizza

A research team from Liverpool University studied different ways of cutting a pizza.

Mark Andrew





Although they usually have the reputation of being socially-awkward, it can actually be fun to hang out with nerds. They’re smart, passionate, loyal, patient, and, of course, they love analyzing stuff and solving problems.

So yes, being close friends with nerds opens up a whole new exciting world – especially if you are big fan of pizza.

Just take these math guys from the Liverpool University for example who put their heads together trying to come up with new ways to slice everyone’s favorite food.

A research team from Liverpool University studied different ways of cutting a pizza pie.

1 pizza

Source: Gawker

The results, needless to say, are truly amazing and out of the ordinary. Actually, some might notice that the cuts were inspired by the pinwheel’s design.

This one is perfect for families or friends wanting 6 or 12 pieces of pizza:

2 pizza

Source: Cornell

Bored with usual 8-slice pizza? These patterns will blow you away.

These slices, on the other hand, are a bit more complicated:

3 pizza

Source: Cornell

Relying heavily on circular geometric patterns, these slices would surely require some bad-ass cutting skills and possibly some interesting new tools.

Now they went really crazy with these patterns:

4 pizza

Source: Cornell

I don’t know about you but personally, I want to see these pizza slices upclose. They look really interesting and, oh well, I gotta admit I’m always in the mood for some pizza.

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Inah Garcia



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