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Norwegian Navy Officer That Looks Like Thor Has All The Ladies Gaga Over Him

This guy seems to have it all.


Chris Hemsworth is already hot as the Norse god Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe, but somewhere in Norway lives a 30-year-old more bad-ass version and is considered by many as the modern-day Thor.

Lasse L. Matberg is a Norwegian Naval Officer who has become an Instagram sensation because of his god-like appearance – god-like because he looks like those toned hunks we see in epic films about Vikings, mythological gods and what-not.

Looking at his photos, it’s easy to understand why he has over four hundred thousand followers (mostly female) and why some of them have asked for his hand in marriage.

For one, look at those long, golden locks. That’s of course so Thor-like.

And when he pulls it up into a man-bun – you just have to wonder how some guys have better hair than women.

Thor may not have laser eyes but boy can he shoot a look that will surely melt your heart.



Oh not to mention, his flawless biceps, the pectorals – basically his overall physique.


There’s also that perfectly-trimmed beard that sits on a strong jawline.


And there’s that Magnum pout.



This 6’6” hottie seems to have it all. Apart from his gorgeous looks, great physique and being a military man, Matberg is also a professionally trained chef. On top of that, he also has a bachelor’s degree in personal training and sports nutrition.

But that’s not all of it. What’s sexier than a guy who has god-like appearance, great and healthy body, and knows how to cook?

Of course, a guy who loves dogs!



Yes, call that perfect. It’s sometimes unbelievable. One person even commented that he’s “unreal” and that his hotness is just so “impossible.” It’s even hard to write about him without being mesmerized by his beauty.

Can you believe he was once bullied as a child for being ugly? MailOnline’s Isabel Hunter scored a date with him and he revealed that he had ugly teeth and was bullied for it.

But that’s alright. He turned out to be oh so fine, every girl is swooning. And ladies, he’s still single.


Restaurateur Reacts Harshly to Customers Who Leave Bad TripAdvisor Reviews

For this boss, the customer isn’t always right, apparently.

We have varied opinions, and with the rise of social media, many individuals are freer to express their views on certain topics or issues online.

Nowadays, ordinary men and women rate, suggest, and give constructive (and not-so-constructive) criticisms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and websites such as TripAdvisor. They would do so if they believe it could keep the public informed about the best and the worst places to go to. Many clients do rely on others’ experience because they wouldn’t want to waste their time and money if they can help it.

A restauranteur from England, however, refuses to accept negative reviews from customers who have visited his Mexican restaurant in Middlewich, Cheshire. Jason Tanfield, the owner of Chimichangos, replies to their comments on TripAdvisor and defends his business---even if it means calling those clients “liars” or being “just plain wrong.”

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Couple Plans To Avoid £25 Parking Fine, Ends Up Losing Their Cars

What a waste – two cars to be disposed of all because of a parking ticket!

Some people would do just about anything just to avoid paying the parking ticket. But this story of a couple who came up with an idea to ditch paying the ticket is just so hilarious, they end up losing their cars.

Twenty-year-old Rebecca Jacques and 33-year-old Gavin Price both owned silver-colored Vauxhaull Corsas that looked identical. The only difference is that Jacques’ car had a device called a “black box recorder,” which measured the mileage and can tell if the car was driven well. If she went past the amount of mileage set on the recorder, her insurance cost would increase.

When she got a new job, she would drive more frequently and this would mean she’s more likely to go over the mileage, but she didn’t want to pay for the rising cost of the insurance.

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Chinese Students Beat Up Their Teacher After He Forcibly Collected a Student’s Exam Paper

Chinese students gang up on teacher in violent classroom rebellion after he tried to forcibly collect a student’s exam paper.

A teacher should be a good example to his or her students; at the same time, students should respect their teachers, but it’s not always the case, especially for an educator and his students in China.

An all-out brawl started inside a classroom when this unidentified teacher forced to collect one of his students’ test paper. The incident was all captured on camera; the footage was uploaded to Chinese website Weibo and quickly went viral, as reported by Yibada.

According to CCTV News, the student refused to hand over the test paper. On the other hand, the teacher didn't like the student’s attitude and grabbed him by the collar.

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