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19 Photos of Kitchen Disasters That Could Happen When You Leave A Man In Charge





Some people are good at a particular field, while others just totally suck at it. In the field of culinary arts, both men and women can excel, but without talent, training, and experience, no one can be great at cooking. In that case, it all boils down to common sense in the kitchen — which some believe men don’t have.

Many would agree not to leave men in charge of the kitchen, especially those that don’t have the slightest idea about cooking. Otherwise, it could spell disaster. Here are 19 photos that show what kind of mess could happen if you a clueless tries to play the chef!

#1. Wachu tryin' to make? A mushroom cloud?

#2. Good thing that he didn't use an aluminum wrap.

#3. This is a disgrace to the pizza world.

#4. Someone didn't get the memo.

#5. When you come home to this.

#6. Pepper overloaded fried eggs!

#7. One thing's certain: that pan lid is as durable as Captain America's shield.

#8. Is that even possible?

#9. Spongebob wouldn't approve at all.

#10. Someone clearly don't understand anything about cooking pasta.

#11. Epic disaster.

#12. Someone's going to be furious once she sees this.

#13. You only hope this doesn't happen to you.

#14. This one is dangerous.

#15. Pizza frisbee, anyone?

#16. Pair it with Black Burger and you're all good.

#17. Put a candle on top and voila! You've got cake!

#18. There are "how to cook pasta" instructions at the back of the packet, just in case.

#19. This is what happens when you don't know what you're doing.

This now becomes a debate between man vs woman in the kitchen. Some would find the humor in such photos; others, especially men, would argue that these days, a lot of women have become useless in the kitchen.

Gals, would you agree with all the photos shown above and claim that women are mostly better in the kitchen? Guys, what do you think? Share your thoughts down below.

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