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They Dropped Ink Into the Water. The Result is Totally Mesmerizing!





Abstract patterns amaze me. Remember those old school Windows screensavers and the cool media player equalizers? Yeah, those kinds of patterns. I remember staring at them while contemplating about the challenges that our mundane lives are going through and why human values and morals have fallen into the deep chasms of distrust and violence.

Okay. I made that up. But really, don’t you find it somewhat relaxing when you watch lovely patterns and designs undulating with music?

Take a look at this video. This amazing clip was created by Jake and Katie Schwarz. They dropped different colors of ink into the water and captured the most minute details. This video was filmed and edited at 4K resolution. Basically, this means that the image quality is 4 times greater than your average HD video. Perfectly synced with an eerie musical score, this captivating video definitely takes awesomeness to a whole new level.

Watch the awesome video below:

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Credits: Jacob and Katie Schwarz

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