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Indian Girl Called “Human Snake” Sheds Her Skin Every Two Months





A teenager from India sheds her skin every six weeks due to an extremely rare dermatological condition leaving her with an unusual skin appearance. Due to this constant cycle of skin shedding, she has been viciously compared to a snake. Others, as hurtful at it may sound, tag her a “human snake.”

Shalini Yadav, a 16-year-old Indian girl, finds the need to moisturize her skin every three hours to prevent it from seizing up. She also has to soak her entire body in water every hour. You see, Yadav was diagnosed with erythroderma, an inflammatory skin disease that involves redness, scaling, and exfoliation.

She has been shedding her skin every 45 days since birth.

Yadav’s condition has brought a significant financial burden to her poor family. They cannot afford treatment as their meager income is only enough to support the entire eight-person household, which also includes the teen’s grandparents. Shalini’s two siblings, Selal and Price, aged 15 and 8 years, respectively, have normal skin.

Her face is covered with scaly skin.

Her hands, too.

…and her legs and feet.

Devkunwar, Shalini’s mother, was desperate in asking for help:

“Shalini is suffering from the disease since childhood.

“We saw several doctors but none of them could cure her and her condition has continued to get worse.

“I feel so helpless when I see her skin coming off, causing excruciating pain to my child.

“This disease is not killing her but taking her life bit by bit.

“We have no idea where to go to and who to consult.”

Devkunwar, who works as a caregiver at a government-funded community center, laments that death may be a kinder option for her daughter.

Shalini’s condition has greatly affected her quality of life.

Shalini and her family prays for help.

Rajbahadur, Shalini’s father, added:

“It’s really sad because she was not born normally and has scaly skin all over her body.

“It is similar to being severely burnt, from the sole of her feet to her head.”

Imagine the discomfort that Shalini feels.

Sadly, her extraordinary condition has severely affected Shalini’s quality of life. In spite of her ardent desire to study, she has been kicked out of school because her appearance scared the other kids.

Shalini, expressing her grief, said:

“I wanted to study but they threw me out of school as the children would get scared by seeing my face.

“Everybody in the family is suffering because of my medical condition.

“But what is my fault? What sin did I commit to be cursed with such a disease. I want to live.

“Please help me, if you can.”

We hope that Shalini will receive the help and care that she so desperately needs. We are with her and her family in prayer.


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