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13 Hyper-Realistic Sculptures That Are So Life-Like You’ll Swear They’re Real





Have you ever seen a sculpture so lifelike that you were convinced they’d suddenly move while you’re staring? If not, then you definitely need to see the works of this insanely talented artist whose eye for detail is astounding!

Carole A. Feuerman is renowned for her hyperrealistic sculptures of people. And she does this with life casts. Carole explains, “I was with a friend who was a professional sculptor. He showed me how to do a life cast. I enjoyed it so much that I started making these pieces.”

Carole starts each piece by making casts of her models. The model must hold his or her pose for a while as the plaster sets and dries against the crevices of the model’s body. The plaster is then removed using chisels (very intimidating, but not as painful as it seems). She then uses resin, bronze, and paint to give the sculptures their lifelike coloring. Her formula is painstakingly combined to make each surface appear as matte or as glossy as needed. And this process definitely pays off!

She then finishes off her work with some more details like adding water droplets to the skin, adding eyelashes, and a little bit of tint to the cheeks for that truly sun-kissed glow.

Just look at some of her amazing artworks based on female swimmers. In pictures, you can barely tell which is the model and which is the sculpture!

Realistic Sculpture 1

Realistic Sculpture 2

Realistic Sculpture 3

Realistic Sculpture 4

Realistic Sculpture 5

Realistic Sculpture 6

Realistic Sculpture 8

Realistic Sculpture 9

Realistic Sculpture 10

Realistic Sculpture 11

Realistic Sculpture 12

Realistic Sculpture 13

Realistic Sculpture 14

Carole Feuerman lives in New York and Florida, with studios in Manhattan and Jersey City. She has been featured in exhibits in various museums such as the Venice Biennale, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The State Hermitage, The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, The Kunstmuseum Ahlen, and the Circulo de Bellas Artes, to name a few.

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