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Woman Complains Of Swollen, Itchy Lips. Turns Out There’s A Huge Maggot Living in it!




Warning: Graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.

The human body has many orifices that need to be taken cared of just like the rest of the body. They are there for a reason and it help us perform some bodily functions for us to survive and live comfortably. We have the nostrils so we can breathe at ease, we have the ear canal openings to help us hear clearly and we have a mouth so that we can be nourished with food.

Sometimes, these orifices, when not taken cared of or under unusual circumstances, get infested with small insects or become a sudden receptacle for small objects such as an eraser getting stuck in the nose due to playfulness. But in this video we found, we can’t quite figure how a tightly-sealed upper lip can get infested with a maggot. Yes, a maggot.


In the clip, a girl was seen lying inside a clinic having a minor operation. She was said to consult the doctor because of swollen lips that has become itchy as well. The doctor then grabbed what seems like a medical tweezers of some sort and slowly extracted a white piece of something. He pulled and pulled until the entire thing was taken out. The video camera focused on the specimen and it certainly looks like a botfly larvae!

We are not really sure about the specifics of the video as the original uploader on YouTube did not include much description — where, how and why this occurrence came about. In the meantime, you can just watch below to see what we mean.

Watch the video:

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A botfly can land on body surfaces and lay their eggs while a person is sleeping. According to the National Geographic, they use humans as their “vector hosts” or the medium for depositing their eggs, which will soon grow into a full-size maggot. Maybe that’s what happened here.

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Credits: Huffington Post, IYEEY , National Geographic


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