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Guy Gets Caught On Camera Doing Something to His Girlfriend On The Train






Some couples just couldn’t wait to find a private spot where they can get kinky that they just had to do nasty things while in public. Such is the case of this guy and his girlfriend who were caught on camera doing lustful acts while aboard a train.

Touchy-feely couples are a common sight in most public transport but sometimes, there are those who can’t help but go beyond kissing and hugging in front of many commuters.

This guy was caught on camera pleasuring his girl while they were on the train.

A video of this lewd act was posted on a Chinese Facebook group. In the clip, the girl is seen resting her head on the guy’s shoulders probably pretending to be asleep. But what’s actually happening is that the guy is pleasuring his girlfriend down there, with her bag concealing his hand.

The scene then turned funny and crazy just when the girl was enjoying the treat.

The man saw how good the girl felt that she was closing her eyes. He then let her have a whiff of his finger, the same one he used to pleasure his girlfriend.

But the girl was quick to react and she did the same thing to her boyfriend.

The couple was teasing each other it’s as if there are no people around them.

And of course, people reacted disgustingly at the video saying that the lovebirds don’t feel any shame doing that act in public. Most people targeted the girl more than the guy. Others were concerned that the couple just had to do it in front of the people.

Check out the video below.

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This story is reminiscent of the seemingly drunk couple outside a bar in London who was filmed via Snapchat doing much worse.

What do you think of these two people aboard the train? Do you find them disgusting, hilarious or both? Sound off in the comments section below.

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