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16 Elevator Ads That Are Just Plain Genius

Want to see what an effective ad strategy looks like?


Elevators are among those innovations that have definitely made our lives easier and better. Just imagine the hassle of using the stairs to go up a building’s top floors!

While it is designed to lift us from one floor to another, many have utilized it for advertisements. If you have gotten used to ordinary advertisements – like banners and billboards – then this compilation is definitely a new one.

Below are examples of ads placed intelligently in elevators. This somehow proves that imagination can be a very helpful tool.

#1. Ride an elevator and be “Born Again.”

Source: Socks Studio
#2. Well, this should wake you up on a lazy, cold Monday morning.

Source: Ogilvy China
#3. A genius reminder to lift some weights.

#4. This elevator ad is installed on the office of a divorce lawyer.

#5. About time somebody thought of this.

Source: JWT
#6. No doubt this will make you think twice.

#7. I do not know about you but this seems to be quite inconvenient — but in a funny way!

#8. Sometimes, riding an elevator gives you access to human anatomy.

Source: Brokaw
#9. Do you?

Source: Rethink
#10. What a fun way to learn Taekwondo, eh?

Source: JWT Bahrain
#11. Before you go up, “Give Me Five” first!

Source: JWT Paris
#12. Now, that is how you market a knife effectively.

Source: Grey Tokyo
#13. Do not ride this one if you have a heart problem or something.

Source: Wirz BBDO
#14. Ever wonder what it feels like to drive a car upwards?

Source: JWT Taipei
#15. Fans of Resident Evil will definitely love this for sure.

#16. Introducing the “Watch Your Step” elevator.

In one way or another, we can agree that these elevator ads are all witty and hilarious. Above all, they seem to project effectiveness. That, my friend, is what we call a successful advertising scheme.


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