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This Awesome $3 Million RV Looks Like A Luxury Hotel On The Inside





If you love traveling and camping compared with staying in a single location, living the RV lifestyle can be just the thing for you. This type of vehicle will allow you to enjoy moving from place to place, depending on where you want to go and, well, how much gas you can afford.

Should budget be a non-issue for you, then you might want to take a look at this awesome motor home by Marchi-Mobile.

The company’s eleMMent PALLAZO is a recreational vehicle like no other. This one has a very steep price tag but for valid reasons. Both the exterior and interior are really quite impressive.

Although huge in size, eleMMent PALLAZO can actually run as much as 93 mph.

elemment-palazzo-marchi-mobile 2

Photo credit: Marchi-Mobile

First off, the RV looks like it came straight from a sci-fi flick. It may be bulky in appearance but make no mistake about it – it’s actually very fast since it boasts a performance of 93 miles per hour.

On the inside, it looks and feels like a luxury hotel.

elemment-palazzo-marchi-mobile 5

Photo credit: Marchi-Mobile

Design-wise, this vehicle is so distinct you wouldn’t confuse it with any other. Moreover, it has a push button roof terrace with heated floor and many other interesting amenities – it has a kitchen area, a massive master’s bedroom, and a lounge area.

You’ll feel like you are in a luxury hotel or even a mansion once you step inside this one.

Moreover, Marchi Mobile says the RV is fully customizable.

elemment-palazzo-marchi-mobile 3

Photo credit: Marchi-Mobile

According to their official website:

“The vehicles in the eleMMent and MMpro series offer mobility tailored to your specific needs, whether you are looking for the comfort of a motor home, a private jet on wheels as a VIP shuttle or an upscale design truck.

Precise manufacturing, top-of-the-line materials paired with an unrivalled passion for detail and functionality combine the best of motor-sports, luxury yachting and aviation – a first in the automotive world.”

The eleMMent PALAZZO can cost as much as $3 million.

elemment-palazzo-marchi-mobile 7

Photo credit: Marchi-Mobile

Like I said earlier, the eleMMent PALAZZO is understandably expensive and it can cost as much as $3 million.

Considering its many cool features though, I’d definitely buy this one in a heartbeat. Sadly, I’m not filthy rich!

Go check out this video for more about this awesome RV:

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