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Millions of Girls Suffer from this Unheard of but Deadly Eating Disorder

I have never heard of this dangerous eating disorder before!

Have you ever heard of the term EDNOS? While many are familiar with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, only a few have heard about EDNOS or Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Like the two mentioned eating disorders, individuals with EDNOS tend to binge, purge, restrict, or over-exercise. However, they fail to meet the full criteria of the following eating disorders.

As a result, millions of people suffering from EDNOS, mostly women, remain undiagnosed and untreated. Dr. Douglas Bunnel, a clinical psychologist said:

“It’s still a misperception out there that these are relatively benign sort of disorders like diets gone bad. These are life-threatening serious illnesses with the highest mortality rate than any psychiatric diagnosis.”

It’s terrifying to know that eating disorders such as EDNOS can take millions of lives every year if untreated. This is why it’s important to educate ourselves about this terrible illness.

The moving stories of Taylor and Ali, two women battling EDNOS, will help shed light on an eating disorder most people have never heard of.

Watch their stories below.

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Man with “Superhuman Strength” Pins Down Two Police Officers by Their Necks before Escaping

What transpired that night seemed like a scene from an action film!


While it’s normal for us to see action stars pin multiple people to the ground, seeing this happen in real life is pretty much rare unless the person has superhuman strength.

A disturbing video showing how a man with “unbelievable strength” managed to overpower two police officers in Archway, North, London has gone viral in the Internet.

In the footage, the unidentified man was seen speaking to a male and female police officers. A few moments later, the man appeared attempting to escape them. Although both officers tried to grapple him, the man unbelievably overpowered the two authorities while he repeatedly shouts “get off me”.

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Woman Tragically Falls to Her Death After Selfie Attempt Miserably Fails

Who would have thought that a simple selfie will cause this young woman’s untimely death.


A 21-year-old woman who was sightseeing with her pals around Moscow plunged 40 feet to her death after attempting to take a selfie .

Reports revealed that Anna Krupeynikova, who had just received her degree in tourism, leaned against a fence to snap a photo of herself.  Reportedly, the fence gave away making her fall 40 feet to her death.

According to The Sun, Anna was travelling on a bus that her group hired to celebrate  the birthday of a 19-year-old friend. The group decided to stop at the bridge and snap photos of the Russian capital.

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China Hosts ‘Miss World Bikini’, But Forgets to Invite Candidates from the Rest of the World

The Chinese must’ve made a mistake naming the pageant ‘Miss World Bikini’.


Most men probably wait for the swimsuit competition whenever there's a beauty pageant shown on TV. So when China hosted a "Miss World Bikini" contest at a water park in Hubei, the people were excited to see the parade of beauties.

Who wouldn't want to see gorgeous, sexy, young women from all over the world show their fit bodies in those bikinis, right?

Then the hosts started calling the candidates from Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and Chengdu. ...

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