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How to Make Your Own Emergency Duplicate Keys Using Only Household Items





Do you have the perpetual problem of losing or misplacing your keys? Have you grown tired of going to the locksmith to duplicate them? Well fret no more, this key duplication hack will surely amaze you.

This is very handy when you want a fast and very cheap way to duplicate your keys. If you have guests coming over or you share the room or the house and you want to have a spare key without spending, then this will surely come in handy. You can make a duplicate of any key with this trick. It’s so easy you might end up making several copies for one key!

You will need:

1. The original key (of course!)
2. A lighter
3. Scotch tape / adhesive
4. Tin can lid
5. Sharp scissors

1. Heat the original key until there are black char lines

images (2)

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2. Press a scotch tape onto the charred part

images (1)

3. Press the pattern onto a tin can lid

download (1)

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4. Cutout the pattern very carefully and precisely.

download (2)

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And VOILA exact same keys! 🙂


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Had a hard time visualizing the steps?

Watch the actual tutorial by Dave Hax below:

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Pretty awesome right? Now you can duplicate any key, anytime and as many copies as you want! Just be careful though, lockpickers and burglars might use this trick too. So hide away those keys eh?

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