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He Puts a Gum Wrapper on Both Ends of a Battery, Seconds Later? It’s AMAZING!





If you love camping or if you’re like me who loves to learn new things, especially important tricks that might come handy in survival situations, you will definitely love this video.

Before you go camping, it is essential to plan and list the things you need for your trip. One of the most important camping paraphernalia’s that you must include in your survival kit is a fire starter. But, in case you accidentally spilled water on your matches or forgot to bring a lighter, don’t blame your camp mates or worry out in the cold because there is a super interesting trick that will allow you to make fire in no time.

In this video, Grant Thompson shows a very fascinating life hack on how to quickly start a fire using only simple materials: a gum wrapper and a battery. The technique itself only requires a few seconds, and make sure you’re being extra careful not to burn yourself, this is the perfect skill that you’ll need to take your campfire to the next level! I can’t believe it’s so easy to start a fire using this method!

Watch the awesome video here:

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