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Daring Swimmers Jump Into The World’s Most Dangerous Pool

Would you dare take a thrilling swim at this pool?


Ultimate thrill-seekers looking for a death-defying experience may find it in Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall which is twice the height of Niagra falls.

At the fringes of Victoria Falls lies the Devil’s Pool, which is probably the most dangerous infinity pool in the world.

Swimmers must be brave enough to take a dip in this pool as slippery, submerged lip of rocks only serve as barriers between them and the 100 meter drop over the waterfall.

The Devil’s Pool is probably in every thrill-seekers bucket list.


Photo credit: VamShare

Every year, the dry season reduces water levels to create the terrifying pool. Determined daredevils slope down the falls, climb rocks and walk through water across the precipice to reach the aptly named Devil’s pool.

Even if they are just inches away from the dangerous edge, brave adventurers jump in and allow themselves to be carried towards the falls at scary speeds.

Daredevils allow themselves to be carried towards the falls at scary speeds.


Photo credit: Vamshare

However, it is absolutely fatal to enter the waters when levels are high as swimmers would be instantly dragged to their deaths.

Even a youngster was brave enough to frolic in the world’s most dangerous infinity pool.


Photo credit: Vamshare

While the experience will certainly make anyone’s stomach queasy, a breathtaking explosion of rainbow-colored spray can be witnessed from 30 miles away since 500 million liters of water a minute pour over the falls.

Watch these daredevils enjoy a swim in Devil’s Swimming Pool.

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Would you dare take a thrilling swim at this pool?



Photographer Travels To Capture The Most Beautiful Libraries In The World.

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For "bibliophiles," a library is not only a place but a sanctuary where learning never stops. It opens different worlds that fill everyone with wonder and delight--from flipping pages to the towering bookshelves plus a favorite book to read.

French-born photographer Franck Bohbot has been traveling since 2011 to search for the world's most beautiful libraries. Bohbot who is based in New York has gone to different places like Paris and Tokyo for his ongoing series called House of Books. It showcased some of the most astounding, historical, unique and artsy libraries in the world, from the breathtaking architecture and interior, this work is every book lover's dream.

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China’s Glass-Bottomed Bridge Suspended 590 Feet in the Air Terrifies Tourists

Are you brave enough to cross this bridge?


Dubbed as the “Hero Bridge”, the world’s longest glass-bottomed bridge suspended 590 feet (180 meters) in the air and spans 984 feet (300 meters)  will definitely make your palms sweat.

Located in Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Hunan, China, the terrifying bridge connects the gap between the two cliffs of Stone Buddha Mountain.

Eleven engineers worked 12 hours a day to convert the walkway previously made of wood into a glass bridge.

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