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Couple Caught On Camera Doing The Dirty Deed While Driving At 70mph





Another horny couple has been filmed doing the deed in public – this time, they’re taking things to the extreme. The couple was having sex on the driver’s seat as the car is speeding at 70mph on a busy highway. For some people, waiting to get to a private place to make love is not an option that they just had to do it right there and then.

A passenger who happened to drive past them was surprised to see the raunchy scene that he took his mobile phone out and filmed the couple. Instead of stopping what they’re doing, the couple carried on and the man behind the wheel even flipped off the person who recorded their passionate session.

This couple was filmed having sex on the driver seat as the car runs at 70mph.

Source: BTP TV
The woman was seen bouncing up and down on the driver's lap.

Source: BTP TV
The mystery man behind the wheel even held up his middle finger when another car passed by to film them.

Source: BTP TV
That's extreme sex right there.

Source: BTP TV

This dangerously lewd act happened near Yala, in northwest Argentina. The horny couple was driving along National Route 9, which is a major road of the country that connects capital Buenos Aires to Bolivia, reports stated.

Local news reported that the couple was going at 70mph. They even accidentally turned on their hazard lights from all the movement they were making on the driver’s seat. Footage of this party-dressed horny couple was sent to the police for them to look into the matter. The reckless driver and his lady companion and the plate number of the car driven have yet to be identified.

Meanwhile, people reacted with disgust over what they’ve seen in the video. One local took to social media to criticize the couple, saying that it’s their problem if they met an accident but they shouldn’t have done it since it endangers the lives of other people on the road.

Watch the couple do the dirty deed in the video below.

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