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Meet the “Pork Princess”: The Beautiful Lady Who Quit College to Become a Butcher.





For most people, finishing their education and graduating college is the ultimate goal. This is because getting a degree is the basic but most essential way to land a good job and live a comfortable life. But for a young Chinese woman, this is not the case.

Charlene is a philosophy major at Fu Jen Catholic School when she decided to quit school and become a butcher! The 25-year-old beautiful lady chose to cut and sell meat at Dongmen Market in Taipei City, where their family business is located.

Here are some of her photos:

With porcelain white skin, who would have thought she is a butcher?


Photo credit: rocketnews24
Such an angelic face!


Photo credit: rocketnews24
Oh would you look at that! She is a pet lover too, what a sweet girl!


Photo credit: rocketnews24
Pretty face. Nice, slender body. She is everyone’s dream girl.


Photo credit: rocketnews24

Since Charlene became a butcher, the wet market has since become busy. People, especially men, would flock to their store to buy meat and take a glimpse of Charlene. Women would also talk to her and asked if she could marry their sons/ grandsons.

Charlene has been coined as “Pork Princess” ever since she began working for their family’s meat shop.


Photo credit: rocketnews24
When asked about her reaction to her new moniker, Charlene said, “There isn’t a single name with ‘pork’ in it that sounds nice, it feels greasy.”


Photo credit: rocketnews24
Charlene said she would want to live a simple life and that she hopes to find her dream man all by herself. Sorry, grandmas!


Photo credit: rocketnews24
Watch the video:

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Photo credit: rocketnews24
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