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Is This The Most Sinful Type of Sushi Ever?





There are people who just don’t get the allure of eating sushi. For them, the idea of eating raw fish is just too gross for words. But when I saw this video on how to make barbecue bacon sushi…yes, you read that right, BARBECUE BACON SUSHI.

I know that even the most avid hater of anything that looks like sushi will just drool while watching this evil cook shape the stuffing made of beef and cheese, then wrap them with generous rolls of bacon. Sweet Jesus!

Watch the video:

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No fish. No rice. Just bacon, beef, cheese, and dangerous amounts of barbecue sauce working together in perfect harmony. Heck, shape is the only thing this has in common with actual sushi. But who cares? Bacon is still bacon, and we’ll eat it in any form. I think the crumbled nachos and onions are already overkill, but there are people who will gladly gobble up this dish, screw diets.

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