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Awesome Street Performer Plays the Drums While Juggling

Street art come in all forms and types, and this old man’s performance is no exception.

Sometimes, you don’t find the best artists performing in concert halls or theater stages – you find them in the streets.

Street art come in all forms and types, and this old man’s performance is no exception. One spectator chanced upon this gem of a performance in an unspecified location where an old man can be seen juggling and playing the drums simultaneously. While some people struggle doing either of the two separately (me included), the old man didn’t seem to have any problem at all doing both at the same time. And he’s not just playing out random off-key beats with the drums, there’s actually a melody to it! From the looks of it, the old man is having fun doing it too! Such an amazing performance!

Watch the short video of the performance below and see for yourself:

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Now that’s some amazing street art!

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Source: Jukin Video


Guy Promised to Eat His Shirt If GSW Won. He Ate His Words and then His Shirt

The NBA Finals are underway. How far are you willing to bet on who the winner will be? This guy had to eat his shirt.

The NBA Finals has already started and Game 1 was easily won by the Golden State Warriors. But before the start of the intense Finals, Game 5 of the qualifiers between GSW and the Oklahoma City Thunder kept fans at the edge of their seats.

Cavs fan makes the promise.

Cavs fan makes the promise.

Source: reddit

A certain guy, and obviously a Cavs fan, made a comment in the r/nba’s Western Finals Game 5 post-game thread. PARTYxDIRTYDAN made quite the promise. He said that if the Splash Brothers and Co won against the Cavs that game, he would eat his shirt. The Cavs were leading the series 3-2.

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Words of a Champion: 10 Inspiring Quotes from Muhammad Ali

Larger-than-life boxing icon Muhammad Ali died at 74 — leaving behind a legacy that will forever be hard to beat.

Larger-than-life boxing icon Muhammad Ali died on Friday, June 3, 2016, at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Ali got knocked out by a respiratory illness, a condition that was complicated by his Parkinson's disease. It's worth noting, though, that Ali battled with Parkinson's for 32 years. It can be said that he put up a good fight for as long as he could.

Prior to turning professional, Ali won a gold medal in the 1960 Olympics. In his career as a professional boxer, he fought a total of 61 fights. He won 56 of them, 37 of which were by knock out.

He was the fiercest of them all.

He was the fiercest of them all.

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Amazing Street Musician Creates Hauntingly Beautiful Music Using Glasses Of Water

I am officially mind-blown!

Fact check: You really don’t have to play a musical instrument just to be considered a musician. These days, there are a lot of street musicians who can create wonderful melodies using non-traditional instruments. These folks have proven that all you really need is to have good musical ears and some ingenuity.

Take this guy from Prague, for example. Instead of a “normal” instrument, Petr Spatina uses several glasses filled with water to produce music. And make no mistake about it – the results are actually very pleasing to the ears!

Street musician Petr Spatina uses glasses filled with water to create "hauntingly beautiful" melodies.

street musician glasses of water

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