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Awesome Street Performer Plays the Drums While Juggling





Sometimes, you don’t find the best artists performing in concert halls or theater stages – you find them in the streets.

Street art come in all forms and types, and this old man’s performance is no exception. One spectator chanced upon this gem of a performance in an unspecified location where an old man can be seen juggling and playing the drums simultaneously. While some people struggle doing either of the two separately (me included), the old man didn’t seem to have any problem at all doing both at the same time. And he’s not just playing out random off-key beats with the drums, there’s actually a melody to it! From the looks of it, the old man is having fun doing it too! Such an amazing performance!

Watch the short video of the performance below and see for yourself:

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Now that’s some amazing street art!

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Source: Jukin Video

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