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Doctors Told Veteran He Could Never Walk Unassisted. He Proved Them Wrong!





Most veterans encounter several problems once they return from service. They may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or from injuries that can leave them disabled for the rest of their lives.

Such was the unfortunate fate of Arthur Boorman, a former paratrooper and a veteran of the armed forces. He had suffered from back and knee injuries that made him depend on walking assistants and wheelchairs for movement. The doctors gave up on his case and he was told that there was nothing else that they can do for him. He was encouraged to accept this sad reality and move on with his life.

Fortunately, Arthur was not a man who knows how to give up. He opted to focus on DDP Yoga, a program that was invented by Diamond Dallas Page, who is a former professional wrestler. With the help of the DDP Yoga Program, he slowly and painstakingly got back up to his feet.

Watch Arthur’s amazing journey to recovery:

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Arthur sets an amazing example and inspiration for people who wish to achieve the impossible and ultimately change their lives. His journey shows us the value of optimism, hard work, and determination. More importantly, it shows the power of believing in yourself and in never giving up.

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