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Can You Figure Out How These 3D Optical Illusions Work?





Optical illusions are lots of fun to look at. They trick and confuse the mind in a way that we find intriguing and entertaining. If you’re a huge fan of illustrated optical illusions, you’ll definitely love these 3D optical illusions!

At first glance, these sculptures seem like your typical flat illusions recreated in 3d form. Others look like everyday objects or attractions at a playground. But once you add other objects into the mix, you’ll see that nothing behaves the way that it should!

Take note that none of these sculptures use magnets or invisible wires. The secret is all in the angle you’re seeing the object. When seen from a certain perspective, these 3D illusion sculptures look absolutely normal, but once the camera pans around it, you’ll see that they’re strategically crafted!

Balls rolling to the top of a pyramid

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Mathematician Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University in Tokyo is the mastermind behind these designs. Back in 1980, he created a computer program that could take a drawing of a shape and come up with three-dimensional objects that look like the objects in the drawing, but only from a certain angle.

Balls balancing at the peak of a roof.

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36 years later, Sugihara has created more than 100 3D optical illusions with his illusion machine. Impossible motions of objects like the one in the video above are some of his most popular and mind-bending creations. Now his repertoire boasts even impossible movements like balls rolling uphill, sticks passing through impossible gaps, and objects settling in concave structures.

A ball rolling upwards.

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He has even made a breakthrough in the cognitive sciences, since his sculptures has helped in learning more about how the human brain constructs the world through the help of mathematics.

What other 3D illusions has wowed you? Share them with us below!