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50 Stunning Photos That Aren’t What They Seem At All





Sometimes, there are pictures that looks very intriguing at first glance. You may need to look twice or thrice to guess what they really are.

A car door that could be mistaken a UFO? A jellyfish that looks like a sunny side up egg? It seems unbelievable but you will believe it once you see the photos below.

These photos collected by Bored Panda will surely blow your mind:

#1 A close shot of a concrete?

Source: majorwtf

This is an aerial view of New Delhi.

#2 Oh no! A UFO is hovering above a forest!

Source: Sighma

That’s just the car door.

#3 Painting! This is definitely a painting!

This is actually a real-life photo of Namib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia.

#4 This snow on the windshield looks like a flock of birds

Source: zbeg
#5 This rock looks like an aerial view of a mysterious island.

Source: pilaf
#6 Is this a snowy forest or a carpet?

Source: tutandgroan

No, its frost in a car roof.

#7 This dog looks like he’s mounted on the wall.

Source: tjones26
#8 This is not a caterpillar.

…but these birds might have eaten those caterpillars.</

#9 This tree stump looks like dinosaur skull.

Source: Sulkembo
#10 What a waste, the chocolate donut was dropped on the ground!

Source: corrikopat

It looks sweet but this is a mushroom.

# 11 What kind of monster is inside this egg?

Nothing, its just an avocado pit left out in the sun.

#12 Don’t poke the dessert with your fingers!

Source: zakaria14

Not a dessert, this is the Algerian desert. The snow was covered with sand.

#13 This looks like mom’s tasty sandwich.

Source: SirEleventy

But don’t bite it, this stone will break your teeth.

#14 The inside of a guitar looks like an unconventional apartment design.

Source: OsamaBinBob
#15 This ain’t a miniature model.

Source: Oscar Ruiz

This is an real neighborhood in Mexico.

#16 This looks like a zombie hand reaching from the underground.

It’s a mushroom!

#17 This Japanese burial cite looks like a cityscape.

Source: Nickchaseme
#18 Fire! Call emergency!

Ooppps, false alarm, that’s the sunset.

#19 This stone looks like a ship.

#20 Night sky in daytime?

Source: LucyDread

Surely not. This is a reflection in a puddle.

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