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Young Boy Skips Usual Summer Activities, Builds His Own Tiny House Instead

A 12-year-old boy builds his very own tiny house and the result is so amazing.


Summer break for young kids would usually mean camping trips, beach vacations, art, music, dance or sports workshops or for some, weeks of stay inside the house to play their favorite video games. It is pretty rare to find kids today who would want to start a new hobby that can be more productive like cooking or gardening, and not to mention learning construction techniques.

Unlike other kids though who enjoy more from playing outside under the sun, this 12-year-old boy found himself bored of doing what normal lads would love to do, and rather stay inside to work on a project. Luke Thill from Iowa did something last summer that’s certainly out of the box. He decided to build a tiny house in his backyard and his finished product is just so amazing that it’s even hard to believe that he did it all by himself.

Luke Thill decided to spend his summer on constructing his own house rather than playing with others of his age.

Source: youtube

The construction of Luke’s tiny house was documented through video and was later posted on Youtube for everyone to see. Luke shared how he came up with the idea of building something big for his age saying:

“I was getting really bored during the summer and I got really fascinated with tiny houses…I decided if I worked towards it and made enough money from cutting lawns that I would start to build a tiny house.”

Luke had to do some summer jobs to raise funds for the tiny house he was about to build.

Source: youtube

Many people were amazed by Luke’s interest in building houses at his young age, but many were admired him on how he came up with a budget to fund his mini construction plan. Luke did secure some part time jobs like cutting grass to raise some money. He even bartered some of his services like sweeping at an electrician’s garage in exchange for his help in wiring his tiny house.

With some help he got from his father, Luke was able to finish his 89-square-foot home after just a year and a half. The house stretches to only 10 feet in length and 5 ½ feet in width and costs Luke about $1,500 funds.

As small as it seems, Luke’s house is actually complete with house features.

Source: youtube

From the video, the house is undeniably captivating. As described by others, it can be a home that anyone would love to live in if it wasn’t as small as it is. The result was incredibly impressive that others may not believe it was a work of a 12-year-old boy.

The exterior of Luke’s tiny house is beautifully detailed with the materials only coming from Luke’s grandmother’s house leftovers. The door windows and the deck were only recouped.

The interior also won’t disappoint you as it has everything that a house needs. The small space is able to accommodate areas for a kitchen that even has a counter, for storage and for few more shelves.

Luke installed a back sitting area with an ottoman which serves as the couch. There is also a flip-down table and a wall-mounted TV. And to complete his tiny house, a ladder was installed leading to the upstairs loft where there is a mattress he can sleep onto.

Luke has quickly became popular for the construction project he completed at such a yping age.

Luke’s leap beyond the normal summer stuff that other kids do was certainly worth it. He was able to showcase his creativity and at 12 years old, he already has a house under his name.

See more of the tiny house built by Luke Thill from the video below:

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