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Synchronized Robot Dance Group “World Order” Gives Their Epic Final Music Video Together.





Ever heard about the synchronized robot dance group World Order? You may find yourself a fan after watching some of their epic and hypnotizing videos. Well, who wouldn’t be? They wowed many people with their previous performances all over London and Tokyo including their 7-man pitch kick off for a new baseball season.

Now they are back to leave us in awe once again with a new music video entitled “The Next Phase,” this time dominating Paris and Berlin. While their fans are still thrilled about it, a rather shocking news came–it will be the last performance of the Japanese group together since their leader, Genki Sudo is already retiring.

When asked about his decision to leave the group, he explained,

“Chaos has been taking place everywhere in the world now. I believe it is a sign to step into a next phase for the human race. It can be said that such phenomenon might be a positive reaction shifting toward from ‘Material civilization’ to ‘Civilization with placing more importance on love and care.’ I have created this artwork with such sentiment. I also eventually decided to appear in the music video of WORLD ORDER for the last time through this artwork due to moving to the next phase myself. I certainly would like to make a full expression in cooperation with the producers and other members from now on. And please continuously give your support to a new WORLD ORDER as always!”

It is indeed a sad news for the fans but according to Genki Sudo, he will no longer be a member of the World Order but he will still be involved, this time behind the camera as the group’s producer. The former leader was a professional mixed martial artist who retired from his sport in 2006 and founded the the group “World Order” in 2009.

For starters, check out the dapper photos of the group below:

Here’s a photo of them in one of the world’s largest museums, The Louvre in Paris.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
This time, in front of Notre Dame de Paris. Wait, where are the others?


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
Oh! It seems they are only preparing for another synchronized dance routine.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
And those robotic moves while walking the streets of Paris in perfect unison.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
This one looks like a random photo..


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
until he does that “levitating trick.”


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
They couldn’t miss the Eiffel Tower too.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
Here they are in Berlin.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
Now brace yourselves..


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
and be entertained.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
Look, their matrix moves are on point.


Photo credit: YouTube/ World Order
Check out “The Next Phase” music video below for more awesome dance moves:

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This is definitely not the end for the group although it wouldn’t be the same without their leader, Genki Sudo. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to know what’s in store for the World Order. For more updates, check out their YouTube page.


H/T: Rocket News 24

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