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Woman Loses 10 Years Of Memories After She Pooped With Too Much Force





  • One woman in Hong Kong suffered from severe constipation.
  • After finally relieving herself in the bathroom, she suffered from memory loss.
  • She was taken to the hospital but doctors found her brain to be functioning normally.
  • Her temporary amnesia was possibly due to the excessive force she exerted when she pooped.

There are so many things you can ignore in life, but your body is definitely not one of them. When nature calls, you have to answer it, although maybe it’s a good idea not to be too aggressive during the phone call.

But constipation is something that everyone has once in a while. It is not a good feeling as it often makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. There are several ways to deal with constipation, but for one woman in Hong Kong, it involves suffering a decade’s worth of memory loss.

On son shared that his mother suffered from severe constipation for two weeks. When she finally relieving herself in the bathroom, his mom suddenly suffered from amnesia.

Her family members discovered that she had forgotten everything that happened over the past 10 years and this lasted for eight hours before she was back to normal. Her worried family sent her to the hospital, thinking that there was something wrong with her brain but when doctors checked on her, they found her brain to be functioning normally.

The woman had no idea what happened eight hours after she visited her bathroom, but the hospital cleared her and she was allowed to go home. A neurologist explained that it was caused by her constipation problems.

The excessive force exerted during constipation could have led to an insufficient amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain.

The so-called “weight-lifters’ blackout” is the closest thing to explain what happened to the woman. However, t is unknown if the case really happened in Hong Kong, or just another made-up story on the internet.

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